I just thought the other day if it so happens that the top social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Thrive Global close their business. Then do we have other alternative platforms to go? My friends would say that there are so many such platforms: Medium, BeBee and so on .. But we must agree that every platform is somewhat different. You can’t get the same engagement everywhere in the Internet driven #SocialMedia.

Some of my friends say that “
Don’t keep all your eggs in the same basket

We should not keep our contents and data in one space of the social media. That is true because you can’t be sure that the very web media would exist to give its services for good. Then your “eggs” don’t sell for the same “price” in different “baskets”. You have to make some compromises on your social media selling.

Some have their own websites and associated blog pages

Having your own website is a wise decision. You have your own website where you can keep your contents, as long as the service of the web hosting company continues. But those websites need the help of the social media to pull the crowd there. If the top social media networks don’t exist where from will you get the crowd?

But do we continue the simple activities, such as writing articles
with a pen, meeting our social media connections outside the social

Do we still write contents on a paper using a pen? Do we try to keep your works in traditional printed documents as well? Do we publish articles/papers/books which also appear in hard copy prints? Do we try to meet our clients whom we give services electronically? Do we ever try to meet our social media acquaintances outside the virtual space of the social media?

If the Internet driven social media cease to exist, we are going to suffer if we don’t continue traditional communication

Electronic-only social media communication can robotize the modern society. Simple and direct communication have a natural role to play in our lives. Recently some of our Internet-friends did it in No Longer Virtual (NLV) conference organized by Sarah Elkins. This is a great effort towards simple and direct communication.

Can we quit social media?

“No Social Media” – This is unthinkable. Anyway, it should never happen for God’s sake, and the Internet backbone would also exist for ever (we assume), and the social media networks would flourish every day. I take an advance excuse from all my social media connections and the would-be connections. Please don’t hesitate to shower with your views, counter views and enrich my future existence with a better understanding of life.

*This article was originally published on LinkedIn.


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