Indoor cultivation and growing has the appeal for gardeners of all skill sets because of the ability to grow year round. There are also many different factors as to why the cannabis industry alone has seen such a surge in 2020.

The ability to grow from home not only gives people the knowledge and environment to grow – but it also creates more effective ways for patients to receive their medication at a fraction of the cost. Let’s take a state like Arizona, for example. It takes a long time for each state to individually craft laws that adhere to public safety in regards to cannabis – and that’s simply what is drafted up before dispensaries are legally allowed to open. The process takes time – and a lot of it. Not only that but the resources are extremely limited to patients – even after medical or recreational cannabis is legalized.

Many people who suffer from chronic pain have long drive times to and from their closest dispensary. When they finally reach their destination – they are then met with high price tags. So if you suffer from back pain- this means you have to drive upwards of an hour (one way) to receive your medication – pay an exorbitant cost to receive it and then drive back to your home (upwards of an hour) before you can take it.  Growing cannabis from the safety of your home allows you to obtain the medical treatment that you need while avoiding both the cost of retail cannabis and further implications that come from distanced trips.

Image by eko pramono from Pixabay

“Currently, the states that have presented themselves to be the backbone of our company are the ones that allow home-grow cultivation,” says Alexander Ouvaroff, CEO of TheBudGrower, an at-home growing kit company. “With our home state of California acting as the primary source for our kits, states such as Colorado, Oregon, and Washington are some of our longest-standing states to purchase our kits. With the introduction of new laws and measures each new state that brings cultivation to the home front has the ability to benefit from our products. This year alone we saw massive interest in places like Arizona, New Jersey, and especially with New York now becoming an east coast hubspot, there is only growth ahead for us.”

Customers are suffering – not only from pains and various medical conditions but from the sting that high retail costs leave after a purchase. This is a multifaceted issue that is starting to direct people into the home grow market. Why pay high prices when they can do it themselves?

Not only does growing from home cut down on travel times and high retail costs, but it allows a patient or recreational consumer to find the right strain for them. While dispensaries are driven by the market and the popularity of such strains – this pushes out strain that might not have been as popular – but continues to work for medical patients. Growing from home allows you to have the medication that works the best for you without having to rely on market numbers or the popularity of specifics. You can grow the right product safely and 100% organically on your own for a fraction of the cost.

One of the biggest components for the explosive home grow market is knowledge. For many people looking into the industry for the first time – the internet is the largest available resource.

This reason alone is what is helping new growers or those who are looking to grow get the right details to start producing high-quality buds from home. Businesses that provide in-depth knowledge on how to grow are showing exponential growth within their company. The information that a company provides certainly is a make-or-break with many consumers. Providing the best education for first-time growers is starting to sell customers and acts to increase sales.

This is why TheBudGrower provides information for its customers in order for them to grow the best buds from start to finish on their first try. TheBudGrower educational resources have also been used to provide a backbone for a number of cannabis–oriented institutions.

In all, the pipeline comes down to the customer journey – and that customer journey is as follows:

1. Their state just legalized
2. For medical patients (especially in more rural areas) this means long drive times and high prices. For recreational users the issue stands the same.
3. They get angry at the limited resources that they have to help themselves.
4. Upon doing research, they learn that there is a product that they can use that eliminates the two biggest problems (availability/cost)
5. Not only does it eliminate those problems but it is a fun, easy, and 100% organic way around it.
6. The information provided on how to grow is included. Giving the customer ease of understanding before they take on the task of the DIY approach.

Where the reliance on local dispensaries maintains its hold on the industry, markets that allow people to provide their own methods and learn the process is what is quickly becoming the norm – especially in states that are new to the legalization spectrum.