Sustainable fashion is not a subject that came up very often, even a decade ago, yet now it has become a rising concern. Sustainable fashion is the push for more significant concern towards the ecological and ethical impact of the fashion industry.

But what does that mean? It means that creators (and buyers) are more concerned about clothes development – that they are sourced ethically and sustainably. More than that, it responds to the fast fashion industry, where clothes are picked up and discarded at a dangerous rate.

Damages of Fast Fashion

The constant shifting of trends has resulted in incalculable waste, as consumers buy and discard clothes with each passing season. Worse, high fashion has a negative opinion on clothes worn more than once – the epitome of waste.

Fast fashion has been hurting our environment for a long time – it is only now that we’re more openly discussing the problem. According to one report, the fashion industry is responsible for 8% of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Further, the clothing industry has had a chemical impact on the world. The cotton fields that grow most of our clothes account for a small fraction of land and use a disproportionate amount of insecticides.

Sustainable Fashion Benefits

The benefits of sustainable clothing should be reasonably apparent at this point. A more sustainable wardrobe reduces waste, while careful designers provide more concern for how their materials are sourced.

Sustainable fashion has the added benefit of fewer animals being harmed and fair wages for the employees making the clothes. Up to 49% of global consumers support a stronger push towards sustainable fashion; the trick is simply getting us there.

Easy Ways to Help

There are plenty of ways to attain a more sustainable wardrobe without making a significant change. You don’t need to go out and replace all of your clothes – the opposite. Hang on to the clothes you have, recycle, donate, or upcycle as much as possible.

Buying fewer clothes is another simple way to be more sustainable. If you’re not sure you need an item, then simply don’t buy it. It also helps to buy better clothes, so that they last longer.

Finally, buying from sustainable fashion brands is one of the most significant ways to make an impact. These days, there are plenty of brands and styles to choose from, showing how far the industry has already gone.

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