The 2nd Nigeria Immersion Program is part of a continuing ongoing series of economic, business and technological development programs produced to encourage and promote industrial advancement and expansion in Nigeria. The program is sponsored and driven principally by Silicon Valley – Nigeria Economic Development (SV-NED Inc.), in expanding partnership with other Northern California technology firms. 

Over the past year, the government of Nigeria has improved nationwide electricity delivery by more than 25%. It has also improved financial reserves and has introduced electronic rail systems that are planned to connect major cities throughout the nation in coming years, starting in Abuja. As Nigeria continues on its path of growth in many areas, including agribusiness, greater opportunities are created for the development of new businesses, creation and expansion of new markets, the building of government/business partnerships, and the distributed utilization of technology within mainstream society.

SV-NED is taking a leadership role in bringing forward programs which will help firms and businesses to prepare for engagement in Nigeria’s economic expansion. Building partnerships with government, creating new national and international development contracts and investing in new technologies for the public, private, government, and commercial uses are all success and growth paths that are now opening up across the country. The 2nd Immersion Program in Nigeria represents a major component in bringing representatives of local and international businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and strategists of all types into workshops and seminars that provide in-depth discussion and presentations to help participants re-imagine economic expansion for Nigeria in many areas.

SV-NED will be presenting instructors, strategists, and industry representatives from Silicon Valley’s Stanford University, New York University (NYU), University San Francisco (USF), and Morgan State University in Baltimore Maryland., as well as Global technology and business giants, who are currently operating in Nigeria to share new technologies, teach new business development concepts, and present creative ways to build partnerships for success both inside Nigeria and beyond. In addition, these discussions will create a bridge of prosperity spearheaded by SV-NED by presenting certified participants of 2nd immersion program for eligibility for full-time employment and internship placements. Please register to be a part of this continuous movement toward a new day for your career, your business, and for your operational growth.

What participant can expect is an In-Depth Technology & Business Education Conference for Business Owners, Business Strategists, Government Agencies, Software Developers & Engineers, Technology Strategists & Planners, IT Managers, & Technology Investors

      Current Schedule of Seminars & Workshops Include:
  • Enterprise Operations, Data Centers, Cloud Services, IAAS, PAAS, SAAS
  • Advanced Technology, Block Chain, Trusted Business Partnerships, The Internet of Things
  • Cyber Security Technology, Risk Assessment & Risk Management, Business Security
  • Standards, Security Operations & DevOps, Security Software and Application Development Standards Business Planning, Investor Engagement, Partnership Development, Start-Up Creation, Incubators, Business Contracts and Agreements, Strategic Planning for Business Growth and Advancement in Nigeria, Silicon Valley Partnership & Sponsorships, e-Commerce, B2B, Government Partnerships.

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