Health-conscious individuals are continuously going to fitness gyms to get their daily dose of adrenaline through physical exercise. People’s fascination with fitness and health is the reason why the industry keeps on booming, and a lot of entrepreneurs choose to work in it. 

Svet Zurkov of Svetness Personal Training was born in a small town of Popovo, Bulgaria, but he had big dreams of wanting to emigrate to America to start his own business. When he first arrived in America, he worked as a cook in Ocean City, Maryland. Six months later, he moved with his best friend to Northern Virginia to study in college, where he attended night school and worked during the day.

He had to work a total of 13 different jobs, including a short modeling career before he could finally establish Svetness Personal Training in 2011.

Svetness Personal Training aims to make exercising accessible and exciting by providing the clients with an option to work out in the comfort of their homes. The company believes that being unable to go to the gym should not prevent a person from living the healthiest lifestyle possible.

Svetness Personal Training is a whole body and lifestyle wellness company where the staff operates by the motto “Putting the personal touch back into personal training.”

The firm prides itself on excellent home training services, where they continuously keep the clients actively engaged through physical exercises. The fitness trainer will develop personalized workouts that depend on the health conditions, eating habits, and fitness goals of the client. They dedicate their time to make sure that the clients receive outstanding training support. 

Svetness Personal Training offers four types of services: Personal Trainer – Individual, Personal Trainer – Couple, Corporate Wellness Program, Apartment Community Classes.

Personal Trainer Individual provides one-on-one training between the trainer and the client and maximizes fitness results in the privacy of the client’s home. Personal Trainer Couple is for those who want to work with another person other than the trainer, to boost confidence and stimulate progress. Corporate Wellness Program provides trainers for a group of people in office spaces, to get employees moving. The program integrates wellness into the company and promotes a health-conscious workplace. The exercises are also great activities for team-building. Apartment Community Classes are group fitness classes done in on-site fitness areas of residential buildings. The program promotes a social engagement with the neighbors and acts as a better way to meet and interact. 

Personalized workouts can be challenging but not impossible to complete. The training that the company provides for each client is tailored for weight gain, bodybuilding, aerobic fitness, competition training, sports conditioning, senior fitness, strength training, youth fitness, and weight loss. By going through the regimen fit to their needs, their clients make progress and learn how to exercise to build endurance properly.

Interested clients can schedule certified and background-checked personal trainers in the states of California, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, and Washington DC. If a change of location or dissatisfaction occurs on the side of the client, the company will provide another personal trainer within the region.

Visit the Svetness Personal Training website for a full overview of services and regimens on offer. For inquiries, the company can be reached through 800-783-8637 or via email.