The tough time we have spent staying at our homes in this quarantine made us value entertainers more than we initially did. They have been creating content for us all the while even from the hardest of situations. We have seen many creative collaborations in recent times. Among all, one of the collaborations the internet is currently loving is between Swatkat and Tiara. Indian Music Producer/DJ Swatkat and Japanese Music Producer/DJ Tiara recently dropped their first official remix.

The remix was released on 4th February 2021 on ‘Revealed Recordings’. It’s a remix of the song ‘The way it was’ by Lost Capital, Cr3on and Joselyn Rivera which was released on 6th January this year.

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Swatkat has always chosen to keep his identity anonymous and he thinks it suits his musical style the best and this is probably the reason why we don’t see him posting that much on his social media platforms. He has created music for Spinning Records, Revealed Recordings and is all set to release for Hexagon records in February. Hexagon records are owned by Dutch DJ – Don Diablo.

Swatkat and Tiara have been receiving a lot of positive reviews after their recent latest release. Audiences have loved the duo’s work and their creative collaboration. Thus, both of them are planning to make more such tracks and remixes in the future.