As a reminder, it has been an Olympic discipline since 1896 for men and 1912 for women. Also it is a wide aquatic sport activity and tends to diversify even more. Indeed, this sport contains several disciplines such as aqua-gym, aqua-bike, aquatic yoga or swimming.

Let’s discover the benefits that swimming brings to the body.

No negative impact on the joints
one of the first benefits of the nation is the lack of negative impact on the joints and back which makes this sport possible for all ages. Indeed it is shown that the practice of an aquatic activity reduces the pain related to arthritis and osteoarthritis while strengthening the joints. In addition, it contributes to the preservation and improvement of bone health in pre-menopausal and menopausal women. This sport is very beneficial for the joints.

Fit muscles without pain                                                                            Do you know that when a person is immersed in the water the feeling of weightlessness allows to work all the muscles? In fact the man floats at 80% in the water from where the difficult movements to realize on the ground become easier to execute in the water. In addition, the additional weight load is negligible insofar as the aquatic environment itself offers resistance. A regular practice of swimming helps to tone the muscles of the arms, legs of the trunk and triceps.

Excellent Cardiovascular and Respiratory Capacity                            By swimming regularly, the heart will be offered strength and real strength. Because swimming helps to limit the risk of cardiovascular disease. Indeed it is an effective physical activity to contribute to the improvement of the venous return because of the blood contraction. In addition to swimming, it allows a better cardiovascular and respiratory activity.

Effective mental health                                                                               Swimming is also an activity that plays a key role on the mind. This sport allows the muscles to relax which reminds the position of the fetus in the belly of a mother. Thus, tensions and stress disappear leaving room for a feeling of well-being. In addition, it causes the secretion of endorphins. And his hormones work on the brain giving him a very pleasant sensation. Likewise, it reduces tensions, anger, and the risk of depression.