Syed Ali Naqvi is a self-made marketing professional who’s assisted dozens of individuals and brands in their quest to achieve success. In today’s article, we will take a look at how Syed has overcome stress over the years and how he’s gotten constant motivation to achieve success. 

Overcoming Stress

In light of this topic, Syed points to the fact that he isn’t necessarily stressed by what he does. He shares that the love for his craft outweighs whatever stress it might bring and this keeps him on track all the time.

Apart from this, Syed also made certain lifestyle changes which helped him get back on track. These changes include working out regularly at the gym under supervision, running 5km daily, adopting healthier eating habits that benefit his body, and reading motivational books that expanded his horizon. 

Syed further reveals that he made short term goals for himself and endeavored with full vigor to achieve each milestone. Overall, he adopted an optimistic and positive approach towards life which changed him for the better.

Drawing Motivation 

Syed shares that his motivation comes from his dreams, he’s constantly motivated and dedicated to pursue his dreams that he makes sure he stays on track everyday.

He accredits whatever he is today to his motivation. Motivation is the reason he is at the top now and that’s what keeps him going. Syed mentioned that visualizing his success, being productive, and remaining focused has also helped him stay at the top of his game.

Here’s a word of advice from Syed himself for anyone who wants to achieve success in life;

“Life is going to throw you those lemons, it’s either you sit there with the sour taste in your mouth, or you take it and make some lemonade. After this, make people taste it and tell them this is what I am capable of”


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