Ever wonder what nature has bestowed upon us?

The vastness of its design portrays change and motion. The gravity of its bonding sets us carefree , unbound, limitless yet bending us to its will. We are objects in a subjective universe. Time by nature seems so old to carry its own weight but constantly leans away in its own wake. We realize how much is lost or gained by measuring our achievements in the chronological order of our awakening.

I was born

I set upon

A churn of order

Expanding in expanse

To challenge borders

When I fly

I recede

For gravity

To succeed

I proceed

From measure

to meaning

I catch your present

Hide away your future

Is that just a feeling?





of hours

Definitive indefinite

Random linearity

Often like

miniscule loops

of dark and light

To me you’re present

And you’re not

This recurring memory

I haven’t thought

Of a pendulum stop

Are we here? Are we where we think we are! Is Time a resource as practicality demands or a mere dimension we haven’t yet fought. It feels human to be created and wiped out in a fraction of the limitless scale , that is, if there is one. This ebb or flow could be harnessed to view our life in moments which would be like independent cycles of life and not as the one continuous journey we know of.

What would it be like if you could relive a moment not by just repeating the actions over time but by experiencing the physical reality which would have been a paradox given our realisation of space-time.

Originally published at jackmarina.wordpress.com