COVID19 has sparked immense fear and terrible loss and hardship for hundreds of thousands of individuals. In the middle of this, my 98 and 99 year old great aunts are still thriving.

This Thanksgiving, I’m particularly grateful for the strength and perseverance of these two women who I’ve had the joy of knowing for about 26 years. These woman have been more grandmothers than their technical relation: great aunts. From the time I was 5, they showed me what it was to be loved and adored unconditionally. I will always be eternally grateful for that.

When COVID19 started, they were the two I feared would get sick and not survive. To the contrary, while there lives look different, they are making the best of a very difficult and isolating period of time. Despite their own aches, pains, and hardships and being at the end of their life and having to be isolated, they continue to encourage, love and support all of my endeavors these past 9 months.

Syliva and Helen are two women who I love so much and am particularly grateful they are doing so well during such a tumultuous holiday season.


  • Sarah Rudman

    Healthcare Operations Manager

    I have 7+ years of experience working on the business side of the outpatient mental health care practices. I've worked with every aspect of the business from intake to insurance. I'm currently a healthcare operations manager for a mental health and ABA therapy organization.