There is the saying that, love is in the air! All I need is the air that I breathe to love you. Says a lot when so many songs are brought into the windows of love; combining air all, along! Air is truly along embodiment of love. It is a testament to our very reason, in being, alive! For when it comes to Earth’s elements, there is a reason for why love is a metaphor for air.

Healthy air has the power to re-generate love; in its holistic form. When you are with a lover, have you ever taken the time, to small their breath? After all, it’s all part of the very guidance for love. When you have laid down with a loved one, have you taken the moment to smell the air from their very nostrils? Love has that level of euphoria!

We have the precious hearts, and their beauty for bringing love into the sky. It’s a perfect mirror isn’t? It’s a perfect collaboration for why we are moved into a higher state of love! Love conquers all! Through the very essence of flight, there is that level of blessed tenderness, for elevating one’s psyche. It’s all part of the air, through our breaths. Its flight through our lips. How it tingles through our very fingertips!

Beverly Wolff