Childhood has had a different meaning for each and every generation. It can be divided anonymously in to two major areas where some generation were prone to morning schools, playing outside or even inside the house with board games, puzzles, doll houses, hot wheels cars etc. and the modern generations play almost similar games but on their gadgets online.

Old generations use to rely on their parents, siblings and friends who exited in real for playing along with and the modern generation finds unknown people online as their partners for the games. The electronic wires have left the devices with Bluetooth facilities but have tied up the life of modern generation to a great extent. A kid these days does not even want to go out and play.

They are so stuck with the 5 inch screens that physical activity, social interactions and making friends are rotting out just like the old values. People these days are aware of what is happening online and does not have an idea about what is happening in their neighbourhood. It is sad in a way because social media is meant for connecting people but sadly it is detaching people from its ultimate surrounding.

Also, these apps can have an adverse effect on soft minds who do not understand the threats some people can bring in. there would be hardly any teenager or kid who is not on snapchat these days. Almost everyone is using this app and connecting with friends and strangers and you never know what is on the mind of other people. Here are some symptoms that can be a sign of something wrong going on in the life of a kid:

· Facial expressions- if your child is the kind who always moves around with a smile and stay happy all the time and you notice a sudden sadness and seriousness on the face for a long time then there must be something wrong that the child is facing. One must ask about the same in a very soft and concerned way so that the kid does not get afraid in sharing things.

· Behavioural changes- if you notice a change in the way the child is behaving with friends and family then it might be the case that something is bothering the child. It can be due to a certain situation the child is facing.

· Emotional misbalance- if a child gets irritated with small things or starts crying with small things then one might take a look on the child’s life and see of anything is wrong.

Snapspy app helps parents in spying on the device that the children are using for snapchat. One can install the Snapspy app on the child’s cell phone and get to know the inside story of the app. This app is very useful for handling adverse situation where the child is experiencing threat and bullies online on the snapchat app. Parents can detect the threats and take actions accordingly to protect t the child from bad users.