When you have a power tool, then you would need to have the right accessories to make use of the tool. This is true with the best table saw, as it needs to have accessory that work as helpers to produce quality cuts. Whether you are an expert or a beginner you will need to understand what each part of the table saw so that you can enhance your safety, while producing quality cuts. If you are interested in learning about all the different table saw accessories, then you have landed at the right place.

In order to fully understand and comprehend all the table saw accessories, we will divide them into three main categories:

  • Basic Accessories

These are known as the basic components and without these, you can hardly use the table saw. Let’s get to the details of these basic parts:


Logically, the most significant part of the table saw is the blade. There are different types of blades, which are used for various functions. The differentiating factor of the table saw blades is the number of teeth as well as the shape. As such, when looking for the table saw accessories to use, you need to focus on the material that you are cutting as well as how you want to cut it. There are blades that can be used to make specific cuts, but if you are just starting out, you can buy the versatile blades, which makes all cuts. It is your responsibility to ensure that the blades are always sharp.

Rip Fences

When making the basic cuts, you will need the rip fence as the guiding accessory. When making in-grain cuts, the rip fence will serve as a vertical plane guide for accurate cuts. This will be common in most cutting projects using the top rated table saws. This is an essential accessory as it will give you a clear guide for the work piece through the blade.

Miter Gauges

This is another accessory that is equally essential, just like the rip fence. If you want to make angle cuts and crosscuts, you will need to have a miter gauge. When shopping for a miter gauge, you need to find one that has sturdy stops and angles that are easy to read. You should go for a model that will fit into the miter slots without a problem. The miter gauge should be able to slide back and forth, easily, but still be tight and well supported.

Safety Accessories

The first set of accessories are mainly designed in such a manner that they will give you accuracy and great performance. However, I have repeated over and over again, that you cannot overlook the issue to do with safety when using the best rated table saw. Here are some of the key safety accessories:

Push Stick

The push stick is a safety feature as it will allow you to push the stock through the blade. This is critical when you have to cut narrow work pieces. You should consider having different types of push sticks, which you can easily use for various cutting tasks. You should go for one that gives you great control of your stock.

Push Pad

Push pads are similar to the push sticks, with the key difference being the fact that they are flat and have a solid surface with, a grip to connect to the horizontal handle. When you are cutting groves on the work piece, the push pads, would be the best as they give you additional grip for the wider materials.

Feather boards

Feather boards are also safety accessories that will hold the work piece firmly against the fence and this will prevent any kickback. You can actually make some feather boards at home using pieces of wood. However, if you are not sure, you should buy these accessories. There are modern ones that can be attached to the fence through clamps or magnets. By attaching the feather boards to the fence, you will be able to hold down the stock.

Throat Inserts

Throat inserts are small pieces that are made of wood or metal and are usually around the blade of the table saw. You will be forced to upgrade from the standard throat insert that comes with the table saw. In most cases, the factory throat inserts will leave a lot of space and this why you will need a zero clearance insert. The zero insert will leave very little gap and this is a safety measure, since it will even prevent any debris from going to into the internal parts of the table saw.

Blade Guard

This is another safety accessory for the safety tool. However, most professional woodworkers shun the blade guard. There are some models that comes with a blade guard that will enhance your safety and improve the accuracy on cuts. In the past people avoid the blade guard on claims that it will hinder your view. As such, a good number of brands have improved the blade guards and provide them in unobtrusive and clear designs. You should make use of the blade guard so that to enjoy safety, even as you achieve quality cuts.

  • Specialty Accessories

This refers to the accessories that are used for advanced functionality. These will come in handy when you have sophisticated projects. Some of these accessories include:


If you are in the habit of doing a whole lot of crosscutting, then you will need the sled. These are ideal for the large work pieces. These are miter gauges that are made in a special manner. You can use this when you need to make cuts at miter angels. This can also can be used for dado cuts. This may not be ideal for beginners, but as you progress and gain experience it will be essential.

Dado Blades

Dado blades sets are the best way to go if you want to make regular dado cuts. These usually comes in two blades, shims and a number of chippers. If you choose to pick the dado blades, you should follow the instructions of the manufacturer strictly. The zero clearance insert would be a good add-on to use when you have a dado blade. This will make it easier to achieve accurate cuts.


As you may have realized, the best table saw is quite versatile and will be useful when you need to make accurate cuts. However, in order to achieve these cuts, you would need to have the best accessories. There are so many different accessories that can be used with the table saw and all you need to do is establish what you need to do with the table saw and how you need to do it.

You should always check the owner’s manual and follow the instructions of the manufacturers so as to ensure that you are achieve accurate cuts in a safe manner. The only way that you would be able to fully utilize the table saw is by finding the ideal accessories. Once you understand how the table saw accessories work, you will enjoy the experience of making cuts using this power tool. There are so many other accessories that you can use with the table saw and we will keep highlighting them.