Sam Bertini

Sam Bertini is the CEO of the news and media organization Tabr. He co-founded the organization, which is also known as The Arora-Bertini Report, with CEO Aryaan Arora of The Arora Company, where Bertini serves as the Chief Operating Officer. In an interview with Canadian outlet Net News Ledger, Bertini said of Tabr, “The sky is the limit for this initiative…eventually we aim to make The Arora-Bertini Report an organization that serves the nation.” Bertini is also a fashion model with a significant following on Instagram and a published author. 

  1. Focus on your website. In the era of COVID, a brand’s website is perhaps the most important differentiator between success and failure. If your clients are not able to be convinced of your expertise based on the resources you make available online, then you face a steep uphill climb. 
  2. Do not underestimate social media. It is all too easy, especially for companies who primarily deal with other companies, to think that social media is irrelevant. A strong social media presence, however, is a powerful way to create a sense of trust between you and potential clients. It serves as a form of social proof and helps build a powerful brand. 
  3. Maintain a global perspective. Although COVID has unfortunately had adverse impacts in limiting our physical mobility, it has, at the same time, torn down barriers like never before. The time has never been better to target clients who are not near you, whether they are across the country or across the entire world. 
  4. Give back to the community. A company is not solely a money-making machine, where profits dictate every aspect of your conduct. It is instead an institution with a great responsibility to serve the community it is surrounded by. When your business flourishes, so too must your neighbors. 
  5. Keep the passion alive. Every big business idea is born out of a singular spark of passion. But when we arrive at the first hurdles — poor sales, employee disagreements, mismanaged investments — it is all too easy to let your motivation dwindle. But motivation is the heartbeat of a successful business; if you are not fully confident and dedicated to your vision, your business will die. But if you are, and have the work ethic you need, then nothing can stop you.