We’re so focused on making sure 2018 is our best year but we forget what we learned about the previous year that brought us to this very moment to make that come to reality. 

2017 was a good year for me and I have much to be grateful for but don’t get me wrong, there were times of failures, struggles and pain but it was those moments that make me focus on becoming better for the next chapter.

In order to make this year our best year, you have to really get clear with what we want, be grateful for the tough times and to be consistent with those small tasks that will take you to the next level. 

1. Get clear with your vision

You hear this all the time. It’s in the books we read, the coaches we hire tell us, in the podcasts we listen to etc, so this isn’t anything new but how are you actually ‘getting clear’?

Write it down and be specific. It seems so easy, that’s because it is. Write down what you want in all of the areas of your life and speak in present terms. 

For example: 

I am in the process of becoming a millionaire.

I am in the process of becoming the best version of myself; a beautiful, independent woman that stands on her own, proud and confident. 

Being financially free has allowed me to concentrate on growing, travelling to beautiful destinations and living the lifestyle that is comfortable for me. 

When you are creating your vision, it’s vital to be careful with the words you use. Be specific and think big. Who do you want to be? What do you really want?

2. Be grateful

Sure, easy to say but you have to really have to truly appreciate everything you have in order to move forward in life. Even with very little, you should be grateful for what you do have. 

If you’re constantly focusing on what you don’t have you’ll never truly be satisfied with what you do. Not living in the house you want? Not driving your dream car? Are you constantly saying no to going out with your friends because you’re saving up for something else or spending the time working on yourself/growing your business?

Be grateful for the roof over your head.

Be grateful that you have a vehicle that allows you to get you to where you need to go every day.

Be grateful that your friends want to be with you. If they are your friends, they will understand why you can’t be with them every weekend. 

I grew up with very little but learned at a young age that If I wanted something, I had to work for it. Those words were instilled into my brain to this very day and I’m grateful for the experiences my parents gave me and my sister. Sure, we didn’t go on very big destination vacations but I got to go to the one place that made me the happiest almost every weekend, which was my grandparent’s house.  When I received my very first paycheck that I ever earned, I gave that cheque to my parents so we could buy groceries. I look back and think how grateful I was to have earned that money myself that I could help out the family. My parents paid me back not to long after, but knowing I could help out after everything my parents have done made me feel like I had a purpose on this earth. What if I didn’t have that money? 

Think about your current situation, is it all that bad? Appreciate the good, every day.

3. Consistency is key

Creating a habit is crucial to those long-term achievements. As they say, ‘Rome was not built overnight’. The biggest problem with this is that we’re all impatient. We want everything now. Sorry to break it to you, but it takes time and you need to be able to do the work to see results. 

Whether it’s with your health and fitness routine, in your professional life or your financial goals, being consistent with the work will get you to where you want to be. Over time you will see change.

Let’s break this down a bit. 

I struggled a lot with maintaining a solid fitness plan because I used to focus on getting to my goals fast. I wanted the ‘quick fix’ but when I switched my approach, that’s when I started to see the results. I focused less on ‘losing 10 lbs’ and more on ‘I want to feel my best every day’. I switched the way I thought about food and focused on creating a meal plan that I actually enjoyed eating. My fitness routine became something I enjoyed doing and not something I felt I had to do. It was less of a chore and more of a reward. You know that feeling when you just crushed a brutal workout and the sweat is pouring down your face and you feel like you just conquered the world? You don’t ever regret doing that and the feeling you feel is worth all the sweat and all the curse words. When I did that every day, I noticed the change. Not only in my body but in my confidence, so why would I stop?

If you sleep in every day, start work late, eat a crappy meal and lay on the couch all night but wonder why you are where you are in your life, perhaps you need to re-evaluate how you spend your time and make some changes. 

It’s in all the books we read, the life coaches tell us and we hear it from the most successful people, these habits over time will create the results you’ve been looking for without even really realizing it. 

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.  – Jim Rohn

Be excited about the tasks that will move you to the next level. Be excited to wake up and take on the day. If you’re looking for success, think about what you need to get there. Do you need a good nights sleep in order to pop out of bed? Go to bed early every day. Is feeling your best every day important to you? Hit the gym or create your own in your house so that you create a routine that gives you the energy you need to feel your best. Do you have large financial goals? Map out how you are going to achieve it and what you need to do to get there. 

Don’t settle for what’s always been comfortable for you. Step outside of your own head and get to work. Over time, those small habits will get you closer to living the life you were meant to live. 

Wake up every day as if it were your last. Strive for success in everything you do. Don’t wait for things to happen, make them happen.

Start now and at the end of the year, evaluate how far you’ve come.


  • Michelle Gallant

    Lives in the bush with her dog, living her most authentic life.

    Michelle has years of experience as a business owner in the public relations industry. She went from living in the city, wearing heels to now living in the bush in a small loft cabin with her 13 year old husky, wearing Blundstones and flannel. She moved across the country to find love and she won't give up till she manifests exactly what she deserves. Everything she owns can fit in her car and she's not afraid to take a risk and create a life that makes her the happiest.