Go in Nature.

Go alone or take a friend or two.

Stay silent.

Close your eyes and focus on the birds singing and flying. Let the sun shine bright on your face.

Now, focus on the sun and on the birds, and imagine a huge space, free, surrounding you, where no one is around. This is the space you need, to breathe and to take in all the nature.

You are part of nature. A small physical light element, a light and bright presence in the immensity of the universe.

Turn off the phone. Take off the shoes. Feel the grass under your feet, free to discover the earth that supports you. Smile. Imagine you flying, discovering the Eyes of the person that resonate with your Soul.

Move. Look at your free feet, happy to be free. Move your head, touch your face. You are alive.

Stay there. Breathe in and breathe out.

This small exercise can help your mind and body to take care of yourself, dreaming and drifting away for 30 minutes or so from the crowd, where Silence reigns and it is highly valued.

Remember that the energy, productivity, motivation and commitment of an organization and of a team starts from your personal well-being. From the power within you. From recharging- daily- your energies thus being able to raise your vibrations.

According to American author, David Wolfe, there are six strategies to raise your vibration: Smile; Move your Body; Breathe with Intention; Have Faith; Do what you Love; Trust your Intuition.

Your body and your mind are like the Harp: flexible and adaptable to change. Connect with them, daily.

During this holiday season, treat your body and your mind like a harp, able to play beautiful sounds, flexible, calm, peaceful and sublime.