Brian C Jensen

The post-pandemic world has highlighted the importance of mental health and wellness globally. However, treating an adult mind is hugely different than a kid’s mind. The isolation and the home-schooling program have been challenging for young minds to handle. It is vital to understand that kids can develop through this period with a dull mind without proper mental care.

How has the isolation affected the kids – Brian C Jensen

It is vital to remember that kids are usually exposed to activities through their schools, hangouts, and playgrounds. They learn about puzzles, shapes, colors, and various real-world lessons. Due to the pandemic, there is an enormous restriction on socializing, and therefore you need wellness activities to make your kid’s minds sharper.

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Communicate efficiently

In the case of toddlers and young kids, it is vital to communicate openly and efficiently. If you are looking to develop their vocabulary, then start by labeling objects around the house. This will allow you to understand if they are facing any struggles, and on the plus side, you can watch them develop better communication skills.

Introduce books

According to Brian C Jensen, books are vital for brain development, language building, and imagination skills. Books are all about building up an image by reading the words. It sharpens the mind and allows kids to understand narratives, flows, and even general information. Moreover, books, e-books, audiobooks can provide a brilliant distraction from the present situation.

Physical activity is vital

Kids love physical activity. Music and physical activity go hand in hand and can calm kids by channeling the pent-up energy. While it might be challenging to provide space for maintaining physical activity due to the COVID restrictions, music and dance can provide a source of regular physical exercise.

Memory building exercises

There are several memory-building exercises that you can try out with your kid at home. Try to make your child recognize people from photographs. This will ensure memory training in the absence of social gatherings.

Age-appropriate toys

Every piece of kid toy or activity set comes with an age range. You must always pick the one that is age-appropriate for your kid. This will ensure the right level of brain stimulation and train the young mind.

Look into the nutrition

A healthy mind will require a healthy body. There is a need for a balanced diet that will provide the best nutrition for a healthy body. Nutrition is vital for the overall development of any child. Good nutrition generally means a good mood too. Moreover, balanced nutrition is crucial to boost immunity, especially when infectious diseases like COVID-19 are rising.

Additionally, always remember that your kid is forced to stay at home for a longer duration. So, it is likely that he/she will create a bit of mess. Remember, kids, are always trying to learn through experiences. At the core of every child, there is a very interested learner. So, please give them a bit of independence, always. All the best!