We have all heard of the phrase, “survival of the fittest”! The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in 2019, 2020, and 2021 exemplified this phrase as its best. There have been many who got affected by this respiratory virus by now. And there have been several deaths caused by the virus. However, the good news is that the recovery rate is currently more in most countries and states. The vaccination drives also had brought much relief to people.

But the crisis still lingers on! The new strain of the virus and Brazil’s COVID-19 condition had made people skeptical once again. No one knows when the pandemic curve would flatten down and cease to be dangerous. And this is the leading cause of worry amongst everyone. Unfortunately, women are more prone to worry than men. Also, a woman’s body responds to stress differently than a man’s. Hence, women need to adhere to specific guidelines by Marcus Debaise to stay healthy and agile.

1. Meditation is essential

Women can get adversely affected because of stress! It can result in hormonal imbalance and lead to mild to sharp mood swings. And the mood swings can affect their life quality and work productivity. Hence, it is essential to remedy the same. Meditation can help to lower stress levels and induce a state of relaxation. Working women should make time in a day for meditation. You can meditate in the morning or during the evening. The practice is simple!

It would be best to sit in a relaxed position, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. If you find this complex, you can think of a word, such as “peace” or “calm,” and keep repeating the same in your mind. It helps to lower the excess stress and brings about inner balance.

2. Gratitude journal

Marcus Debaise says that it is essential for working women to find reasons to be grateful every day! Gratitude is a simple practice that helps to shift your focus from stress or lack to abundance. It creates an immediate change in one’s perspective, bringing about a difference in how one feels about life. If you are worried about the pandemic, it is essential to exercise gratitude and realize that you and your family are safe from the virus infection. This simple thought will fill you with hope and faith and help curb down excess stress.

3. Yoga and physical movement

Marcus Debaise says that unresolved stress often creates a home in one’s body! Women tend to get a bloated lower belly because of stress and anxiety. And when the cycle of stress continues, it can lead to abnormal weight gain in different parts of the body. Hence, women need to get into any physical movement once during the day. One of the best solutions is to practice yoga once a day in the morning or evening. It will help to curb the excess weight and will also bring down mental stress.

Women are vulnerable to stress and its after-effects. Hence, it is essential for women to opt-in to the guidelines mentioned above to maintain good health.