Have you been feeling more anxious and tense lately? Do you feel bouts of frustration from time to time? Do you catch yourself pondering on adverse outcomes a little more than before? If you have answered yes to every question, you aren’t the only one. The entire human collective has been witnessing similar situations, and it’s essential to address them. The pandemic outbreak has not only affected lives, the economy, but also our minds. No one knows when “normalcy” will get back, which makes everyone feel uncertain and partly paranoid. Hence, everyone must take care of their mind during this phase.

The question is, how do we go about it? If you resonate with this question, here are a few easy guidelines by David JC Cutler that will help you address your mental health status and take care of it.

  1. Gratitude helps to focus on the positive aspects of lifeThe deaths caused by the pandemic and the suffering have compelled people to think negatively. Most people are complaining about the existing scenario. And this is something that must change. If you find yourself complaining more, then it’s time to develop an attitude of gratitude. Take some time out every day and ponder on the things in your life for which you are grateful. It could be simple facts like you have a job, or everyone in your family is safe. It will help you to shift your mindset to good and positive things in your life.
  • Write a journal – Most of us have pent-up emotions and thoughts within us. And the pandemic has resulted in more anxiety and negative thoughts within us. There is no point in avoiding or escaping it through unhealthy means, as it will only aggravate the situation at hand. Hence, David JC Cutler says that it is necessary to face it to manage your mind better. One of the best ways to do that is journaling. It’s similar to writing a diary that we did when we were kids. It will help you to face your thoughts and get clarity about it. Also, once you write about your thoughts, you can better manage yourself and bring down your stress levels.
  • Cultivate a hobby – Most of us had a hobby when we were a child. The current working set-up doesn’t leave anytime for having a hobby or leisure activity. However, the pandemic taught us the importance of having a hobby. There is no competition involved here, which is why a leisure activity is so relaxing. It enables you to channelize your creativity and create something meaningful which will give you happiness and joy. It also helps to elevate your mood and produce “feel good” hormones. Hence, delve deep and find out the activity you like to engage in during your leisure time.

David JC Cutler says that taking care of your mental health need not be serious and grim. You can opt-in for the simple and easy activities mentioned above and ensure that you have better mental health during this pandemic phase.