Robert Trosten

Self-care is the best way to ensure that you stay fit, especially in these challenging times. The COVID-19 pandemic and the enforced lockdown have brought on unprecedented times, and the trauma reflects the mental and physical health of individuals all over the world. However, according to Robert Trosten, you need to be aware and take care of your health to make it through these challenging times.

Regular breaks are essential, according to Robert Trosten

Breaks ensure that your batteries are recharged for the slog the next day. If you are looking to continue functioning at a high-level, you need to rest. Prioritize yourself and your health, and know when to hang back, rest and recharge.

Avoid stress

Stress is exhausting. It is similar to starting a long-distance marathon tired even before the starting gun. However, we understand that it is challenging to avoid stress, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. But, you would do well to remember that stress is a silent killer, and therefore you must ensure all the steps necessary to shield your life against it. Keep in mind that the more you keep yourself engaged in an activity, the better it is for your mental and emotional health.

Are you aware of “hyperarousal?”

Psychological hyperarousal is when your body crosses a certain threshold. Keep in mind that beyond this point, your body absolutely needs to stop and take a break. It is essential to be aware of the hyperarousal point. Building awareness towards your mind and body is critical. Remember that several online exercises and courses will allow you to learn more about your physical and mental responses.

The importance of rest

Sleeping problems are another major issue that is plaguing the urban world. The problem has become severe due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the job and economic losses that ensued. Even if you are lucky to have a job and a busy schedule, you might still be spending sleepless nights worried about catching the virus. The stress and the ensuing anxiety have become a broader and well-researched issue. Therefore, both the public sector and the private sector firms recommend and mobilize psychological therapists to keep the workforce’s morale high.

It is vital to understand that even with professional help, you need emotional support from your friends, family members, and parents. Additionally, keep in touch with your local psychology expert to keep track of your mental wellness. It would help if you also kept in mind that sleep is vital when looking to relieve stress and recharge your batteries. Sleep has indeed become a luxury in these troubled times. Still, it is crucial to remember that sleep-deprived bodies function poorly and are more susceptible to contracting viruses and diseases. The only way to ensure optimum physical health is by balanced eating, sleeping habits, and exercise regimens.

Emotional processing is the key

If truth be told, the present condition is one out of story-books; it is like an unreal setting. Therefore, it is vital to treat each other with compassion and acknowledge that everyone is trying the make the best life during a global health crisis.

Always remember that a state of permanent wellbeing can come only by our attitude towards each other for building a perfectly-functioning community. Take care!