Stop waiting for permission or “a better time”. I have to be really honest with you…there will never be a better time. All we can guarantee in life is the time we have right here, right now. We can make all the plans in the world, but nobody knows for sure what will happen tomorrow. So that being said, what is it you are waiting for? Why are you holding back from doing the things you keep thinking about doing?

Are you too busy being mum?

Trust me, I get it. I completely understand you. It can sometimes feel overwhelming to think about how you are going to lose the weight, eat healthier and do the activities you really want to do. But something has to change if we continue to feel frustrated with ourselves, right? My advice is to prioritise YOU. 

You are important. I will go as far to say you are more important than your children, partner, best friend, parents, dogs, cat, and whoever else fills your heart. This doesn’t mean that you don’t love these people and animals with all your heart. This doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t do everything and anything for them. What this does mean is that when you put your own needs first, you will feel healthier, happier and more satisfied with life, which in return will help you to serve your loved ones better.

Are you the mum you want to be?

Once your cup is filled with delicious love, you can fill your children’s cup up with all the mummy love. You can look after yourself without feeling guilty. This guilt hanging on your shoulders is serving no purpose. It is dragging you down and leading to you NOT showing up as your true divine self. Why are you feeling guilty about looking after yourself?

There is no shame in prioritising your needs. You deserve to feel nurtured for too. You are allowed to feel like YOU even as a mum raising the brood and running the household. It will be different to pre-baby years, but that isn’t to say that you can’t do those things that make you come alive and say yes to life. Start saying YES to your needs. What one thing can you do today to make you feel at home in your body?

There are many ways to look after yourself and feel like you are being the best mum you can be, but let’s get you started with one. Here is my number one tip to take care of your needs.

Mum Self Care
Mum self care is essential for your health and happiness.

My #1 Tip: Do What You Love.

Do what you love. What do you love doing? What makes your heart sing? What makes you smile? Whatever it is that pulls you in, calls your name and makes you want to do it, go and do that. Perhaps you want to dance, ride a bike, go swimming, read a book, write a book, blog, make videos, draw, make art, do yoga, go to a concert, go to a night club, go walking, camping, travelling, see the beautiful coasts of Australia, learn to cook, hang out with friends, start a business, do a job you love, quit a job and travel, live in a van, build your own home, be a mum, be a dad, or be totally awesome. Whatever it is that makes you smile and you love to do, just do it. No guilt, no shame, no holding back. Listen to your heart, let it sing and do the things you love to do.

You are important. You deserve to feel healthy and happy. You are worthy of looking after yourself too mama!