Without a vision for your career or personal life, the path to your future is unknown. A vision is your blueprint in creating a life you will truly love. Without a blueprint, you aren’t taking control of creating your life. As a professional that works in helping entrepreneurs and entertainers craft their future business or career, one of the first things we do is set a vision for their future. We all can create a life we truly love, but we have to take the reins to be the architect of our life. Your vision is a necessary piece of formulating happiness in your life.

We all can craft the exact life that we want, but a majority of people take the passenger seat in their own life. We all can be a driver for our happiness and create a life we love waking up to everyday…But to create a vision for your life, you have to be able to do two things: believe in yourself and the future that hasn’t arrived yet, and keep a positive perspective as you take steps toward creating that vision.

Your vision is personal. It’s the life that will bring you the most happiness. In crafting your vision, don’t just hold yourself down to what you think your family wants for you, or what’s expected of you by society, but rather what your intuition tells you will bring you joy and excitement. Your vision is your blueprint for the future you were meant for.

If fear did not exist and possibilities were unlimited, what would you truly want? In helping people craft their vision, I sit and have them think of a picture in their mind of what they want their future to look like in five years if anything were possible. Close your eyes and think of this future. What would make you feel the happiest and the most alive? Picture this. Hold this image. Use this vision, to drive your behaviors, your thoughts, and actions. Align yourself to continuously move toward this vision. Your intentions should match your vision. The power of intention is real, and it has gotten myself and my clients to the very vision that they created. As you constantly hold this vision in your mind and commit to it, the universe will help you align with this vision and help guide your actions along the way. If you listen to your intuition and keep aligning your actions with where you want to go, you will attract the blueprint of your dreams. All things are possible with a vision and the positive intentions to match it.

With a constant drive and commitment towards your vision, you will arrive there. Your vision may not arrive in the time you expected, but it will happen if you keep driving towards that destination. What is meant for you can’t be kept from you. You have to believe and have faith that it will show up. Your life is your choice. So why not choose to create a vision that will make you completely happy.

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  • Melissa Lucas

    Business Strategist and Talent Manager

    Edge Of Your Comfort Zone

    Melissa Lucas is a Business Strategist, and Talent Manager for Edge Of Your Comfort Zone. She works with ambitious musicians, actors, and entertainment related entrepreneurs  in the entertainment industry. She is also a talented speaker, writer, creative strategist, and a former life coach.