Today there is not a single person that doesn’t deal with stress on an everyday basis. In this era of technology and rapidly growing competition, we are overcome with daily tasks and obligations that sometimes seem impossible to handle. We’re constantly pressured by deadlines and are asked to be something we are not. Our personal lives are dictated by mass media and trends, and our value depends on the opinion of others. This state of constant pressure not only has a negative impact on our psyche, but stress is also an enemy of our body

Its not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.      – Hans Selye

Stressful situations can also lead to a number of health disorders like bad headaches, anxiety, and depression. If you already have conditions like asthma or insomnia, it will only make them worse. It seems that nobody can escape from stressful situations, but there are ways to get in control of them and to overcome stress in time. The key is to decide that you’re the one that’s the most important and to take your mind off stressful situations.

A mind’s eye

One of the best ways to relax and reach the state of peacefulness is to distance yourself from the situations that cause stress. That can be done by going on a vacation, but today the lucky ones can have it more than once per year, and that’s far from enough. But you can also ‛sail away’ without any actual physical movement.

Although it’s still not a very common technique, many people use a guided visualization where they can visit pleasant places without stress in their mind’s eye. We are all born with a huge potential for imagination that can always lead us to a place of our dreams. You don’t need a ticket or a destination, just make yourself comfortable and begin a quiet stroll through the realm of your dreams.

Cleanse yourself

Although ‛cleansing yourself’ can also be of a spiritual nature, this time we’re talking about an old-fashioned hot bath. It may seem like a cliche, but actually plunging yourself in a hot bubbly bath works like a charm almost every time. It relaxes your muscles and relieves your mind from all the worries you gathered throughout the day.

 If it doesn’t work for you, maybe it’s because you’ve made it an everyday routine like everything else. You need to make it special, consider even making your own in-home spa. You should always decorate your bathroom with some candles and buy some bath salts and soaps – this is the part of the day designed to make you enjoy yourself.

Release your creativity

In order to relieve the stress, you need to stay busy and occupy your mind and sometimes the best way to accomplish that is to occupy your hands first. But this doesn’t mean you need to make more daily chores you need to take care of – try taking up some arts and crafts. This way you’ll be able to distance from stressful situations and to return to yourself because while doing arts and crafts you will be expressing your inner self. 

Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one. – Hans Selye

Start writing poetry or start drawing or painting – plunge yourself in a creative process, because the creativity is what we miss the most during our difficult daily routines. Allow yourself to express emotions without deadlines and goals you need to accomplish.

Return to nature

Human well-being and the relaxed state have always been closely connected to nature, most of all to green spaces, where a person feels free and unbound. So this is the area best suitable for relieving stress. Going for a walk or a bicycle ride in a park should be an everyday activity, but not everyone has time to include it in their tight schedule.

 Another perfect way to connect with nature is to take up a gardening hobby. It requires some physical work that can be very soothing for the mind and sweating it all out can be a pretty good distraction. But you should be careful not to turn it into another of your daily obligations that can cause more stress. You should turn the very act of gardening into a kind of meditation where you’ll become one with nature.

That’s why you need to start small and it’s best to plant just the things you love. It’s also very important to equip yourself with the right tools in order to make this hobby easy and pleasant to manage. Choose one of the many Hose Link products that will make your gardening sessions feel like a walk in the park. With these useful tools like retractable hose reels taking care of your little garden will become pleasant and stress-relieving activity where your personality will bloom just like your plants.

The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it. – Sydney J. Harris

Add some music dust

It has been proven many times that music has a powerful positive effect on our emotions and that it can be really helpful in reducing stress. It is a perfect way to spice things up and it goes with all the techniques listed above. Classical music has been used for a long time in medicine to lower patient’s blood pressure, slow down breathing and heart rate, relax tense muscles.

 You don’t need to use just classical music, you can listen to your favorite songs and dopamine will flood your system making you feel good whatever you do. Just equip yourself with a set of headphones and dance through your daily obligations.