Beyoncé came to me in a dream. She and I talked. We had a vision. We must take our country back. It is time to lead the uprising.

But you may be surprised to hear. This uprising won’t be a march in the streets with pitchforks and flag burning.

That’s so last revolution.

What are we going for this time? Evolution.

We have worked too hard and fought too long for the freedoms in this country. We ourselves fled a continent that would take our freedom to worship who and how we wanted, almost annihilating ourselves in the process. We created this country with slavery, on the backs of our women and our strong black brothers. We swam across dangerous seas to escape the brutal forces of dictatorships. We crawled under fences and across deserts to land on this free soil.

We are not going back. No one can push us out, enslave us again, take away rights that are inherent in our genetic and ancestral history. And yet, here we are, once again, wondering if we will have to fight for freedom. We watch, waiting, as the white male patriarchy clings to its last hold, demanding it’s supremacy.

It is time to evolve.

We need to rise to the next level of development in this country. We are better than this.

Yes, we have succeeded as a country. We have become everything we ever wanted to be. We followed the path to money and materialism. We became our best intentions, our capitalistic dream; the epitome of the rich narcissistic business man has reached the pinnacle of success in this country; this is the American dream — anyone can be President if they work hard enough.

Anyone, that is, except a woman. A woman who is smart and overqualified is still not qualified enough.

Why didn’t people vote for Hilary? Because they didn’t “like her.” Or they didn’t “trust her.”


Women are raised in this culture to be relational. We are taught to be nice, to be sweet, to be likable, to be attractive. When all of our worth is judged on whether we are liked, and not how educated or experienced or qualified we are, there is an imbalance in the world.

We have swung too far in the direction of force, of power, of production, and this male energy has become so corrupted that we deny all reason. We close our eyes to what we see in front of us. This cannot be happening, we say. He must not have said that. He doesn’t really mean it. It will all work out ok. He knows what he is doing. And worse, he will save us.

We have had white male bosses in this country before. The time for men who abuse their power running the world must be at an end.

And the people will rise up in formation, slowly. They will rise to protest, to take back their land, and their rights. But whenever there is protest, there will be push back. When the voices of protest are squelched, there will be violence. We are tired of violence.

There is a new way.

It has to be more global. And more equalizing. It is a time for more feminine energy to balance the world and this country. Feminine energy does not force itself. It does not grab, it welcomes. It energizes, it steps into its power and it finds balance.

And there is a way. Today we have a platform where all voices can be heard, regardless of class, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation. That platform is the internet.

The internet and social media is a force. It is the central nervous system of the planet. When enough of us are connected online, when enough people, regardless of the color of their skin or their status, or the money in their pocket, become a united voice, it will become a collective force against wrong, and will move us in the direction of change.

The reason we are in this place of repression, where we stand on the edge of regression, the threat of losing the freedoms and the rights we have fought so hard to win is partly because the voices of women have been silenced. Our voices have been stilled.

Because we are afraid. In this moment of political unrest, we are reminded that when we do speak out we have been told that we are seeing is not true. We are not believed. This did not happen to you. You are not seeing this. Go back to your kitchens, go back to the bedrooms, you are only good for sexualizing, for objectifying, your opinion does not matter. Your voice does not matter. If you speak up we will not believe you. If you fight, if you run for office, if you are qualified for a job beyond anyone else it will not matter, we will not see you or believe you.

And so women must unite. We must have a voice. We must speak out. And yes we are afraid. We have been afraid all of our lives. And now we must be united as a voice, and we can be, because we have a way.

It is not about revolution. We do not have to choose sides, this is not about politics. This is not about taking our country back. We do not want to go back. We want to go forward. We want to evolve.

We want to evolve out of the patriarchal rule of “my way” to a more feminine nature; to nurture, heal, to work together. Feminine leadership not only protects but sees the planet as a responsibility, not as a giant resource to suck from, like a giant breast that will feed us without end. Feminine leadership sees a world that must be cared for, and perhaps, if we evolve in time, may even be able to save.

I am calling all women, everywhere.

I believe you.

Find your voice. Speak up. Stand up for your rights. Do not let this regression, this repression, happen to you, to us. Do not let a President, a cabinet, a political system make you feel any less of a person.

Write to your congressman?


Be the congressman.


Write on Twitter? Yes.

Write on Facebook? Yes.

Talk to your daughters. They will teach you to snapchat, Instagram, youtube. They will teach you how to take your message and make it go viral.

What is it you want to say? Do not be afraid. Rise up. Say it. I believe you. Let your friends, your family, your planet know, that you believe them.


And praise for Arianne Huffington who is teaching us that we need to find balance. We are not failing if we are tired or overwhelmed, we need to sleep. We are a new generation of women leaders that are learning that we do not need to run on empty. We can regenerate and care for ourselves. And when we do, there will be no stopping us.

Beyonce has already given us the instructions.

Okay, ladies, now let’s get in formation, I slay Okay, ladies, now let’s get in formationYou know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper

Best revenge is [on] paper.

Let’s slay.

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