Asking for the sale is a tricky thing.

Sometimes we are too scared to ruin a relationship or a conversation by asking for the sale.

Also, what words come up for you when you are building your business? I’ve heard so many adjectives like these from my clients:

Too young. Not qualified. No life experience. Too quiet. Introvert. Not enough.

What is the worst case scenario of asking a prospect to work with you? That person tells you no or no thank you or ghosts you. But is that so bad? So bad to the point of you never want to ask for the sale or have sales conversations?

That’s the name of the sales game. You will hear A LOT of no’s. 

Your fear of asking for the sale is making your business stagnant. Unfortunately when you are starting out, you will have to ask for a lot of sales. You will get a lot of no’s, however getting a no shouldn’t mean you aren’t meant to be in business!

Tying your sole happiness in your business to the “Yes” or the number of clients you sign or the number of sales calls that are book each week is setting yourself up for failure the moment you begin.

Yes, it’s exciting to make money and sign clients but make sure you have the foundation of your business solid, your mindset solid and that you are HAPPY at the core of your business. 

Being happy that you get to show up every single day and serve others. It’s icing on the cake when they end up wanting to work with you!

Know this – not everyone will say yes. Not everyone will trust to work with you. Not everyone is “ready” to work with you. But, as long as you are showing up and being of service, those clients will come to you. Those clients will start to say yes!

At the end of the day, asking for the sale shouldn’t be this big huge thing. It’s an opportunity for you to get to help your clients on a more intimate level. You are providing a solution to an issue they have discussed with you. 

Asking for the sale on a sales call

Having the actual sales call is also something we need to be more confident on. Being confident is everything on our calls!

Secondly, you don’t need to have a sales script written out and memorized. Remember that this is a “conversation”! A conversation not only for her to get to know you more, but for YOU to find out if she truly is the client you want to work with. Memorizing a script really destroys the flow and vibe of the conversation. 

Instead of memorizing a script, get a feel for an outline. Know what points you have to hit, but remember that you need to have also be actively listening and asking high value questions (questions that cannot be answered in a yes or no). You are digging deeper on your clients’ background, her wants and needs and you are then recommending your services and explaining how those fit the wants and needs of your client.

With my 10 years sales experience working one on one with clients and have been trained and certified in my corporate job to lead a sales conversation with a client where I have to dig deep and find all possible solutions to make my clients’ life easier. It is all about digging deep and asking questions so that you can recommend the best services for your client.

Once you feel your conversation is complete, recommending your services becomes the easiest part as this is you simply letting her know you can help her with A, B, and C of what she just explained to you. A no-brainer to a HELL YES!

Your WHY for taking the leap and asking for sales

What weighs heavier on your mind all day? The fact that you want to quit your 9-5 job and work from wherever you want in the world or do you sit and think of how scared you are to do those things?

Taking ACTION is the quickest way to overcome this hump of the being scared and having limiting beliefs on sales calls. 

-Just start the business
-Do the live video
-Ask for the sales call
-Ask for the sale

And always remember WHY you are building your business and remember it whenever you feel uncomfortable.

If you are thinking about even creating a business on your own, you are already inspiring. You are already brave. You are already creative.

You are not too young, too old, too scared or not enough.

You can do it. You simply have to begin and take the first step outside your comfortable circle.