I almost turned down my boyfriend when he first asked me out. So many “what if’s” got in the way. I decided I had nothing to lose by going to dinner with him. We ended up shutting down the restaurant (as in the valet guy had to come to the table and tell us not only were they leaving and turning off the lights, but the car was outside waiting for us…running ?) and I haven’t wanted to stop talking to him since. Thank God I didn’t turn him down. ❤️

I’ve made a career out of taking chances and I’ve loved every minute of it.

What is “the thing” that you’re turning down because you’re too afraid of what may or may not happen?

Maybe it’s not that you’re afraid, maybe you’re just uncertain of the outcome and you’re not willing to take that chance?

A wise girlfriend said to me today, “This is not your practice life. This IS the only one you get! So get out of your own way!”

(I’m blessed to surround myself with friends who hold me accountable and build me up)

So here’s the thing. You’ve got NOTHING to lose and the only thing you’ll ever regret are the chances you don’t take.

So say yes to the date.
Buy the plane ticket.
Quit the job.
Start the company.
Write the book.
Take the class.
Send the email.
Plan the trip.
Start the program.
Walk away from the toxic relationship.
Wonder into the unknown.
Open your heart.

Take the leap.

#opportunityseeker #taketheleap

Photo by Peter Conlan on Unsplash