January 21st 2017 wasn’t just a day that made history, but one that created a permanent mark on my heart.

It was midnight in Kuala Lumpur, but my body was buzzing with energy as I felt the rising of the feminine all over the globe. When I woke up and reached for my phone the next morning, my heart almost burst out of my chest as I saw the millions of men and women who stood up for the freedom, rights and healing of the feminine.

It has begun.

We were united and the immense strength and beauty of women can no longer be denied. We have not only spoken from the depths of our soul, but have finally witnessed the potential within. The centuries of suppression was at a boiling point and it was tipping over with our peaceful expression of love.

As the Women’s Tribe Leader of Feminine Space, this was the exact shift that I was waiting to see, not only within my clients and tribe, but the whole world. A thought was however spinning in my head after this historical event, that lead to the article you are reading now:

What if this ‘current event’ is casually replaced by another headline? What if the world will quickly forget the significance of what has happened? What if women all over the world begin to fall back upon old habits, routine and settle for comfortable patterns? What if we lived on like #womensmarch didn’t matter (or happen)?

It is my life purpose and natural expression to help women see, connect with and embody their true confident and vibrant selves. And I know that without certain shifts within, it is difficult to naturally live with the same passion, grounding and love that was shown in the #womensmarch in our daily lives.

Here are the top ways to embody the feminine power and full potential of who we are so that the #womensmarch will never be forgotten, but lived on in every moment through our every action and intention.

#1: Know Yourself (And What You Stand For)

The main reason why the #womensmarch was so successful and impactful was because, those who marched knew what they wanted and had enough clarity to express it. Without knowing yourself and what matters to you most, it is almost impossible to create a lasting change in the world.

Knowing yourself doesn’t mean getting clearer on the ideas and concepts that you agree with. Instead, tap into your heart wisdom or intuition and you’ll be able to connect with a much deeper desire or cause that your whole being resonates with. If you’re not sure how to connect to that deep place inside, then treat yourself to the free 5-Day YES to ME Journey and enjoy amazing meditations, reflections and self-care exercises to dive within.

#2: Let Your Heart Guide You

So many sisters I have spoken to since the #womensmarch, myself included, have felt goosebumps every time we saw the photos, videos and media coverage of the event. It was a movement lead by the heart, not the head. That’s why no matter the differences in language, culture, age or sex, the message spoke directly to the soul.

If we continue to come from our purest heart desires, our daily actions will also sparkle with the same magic. Not because of the force behind our words or actions, but the strength and depth on a soul level that our intentions contain. Being aligned with our soul truth and heart will not only reduce the resistance, tension and stress in daily life, but also allow us to flow effortlessly towards the full expression of who we truly are. Want to know how to practically connect to your authentic expression? Get the free PDF guide here.

#3: Find Your Sisterhood And Collaborate

Have you ever felt invincible, because you were creating something greater than the sum of its parts? Just like at #womensmarch, joining or creating a space where you feel safe, supported and heard is the greatest thing that you can ever do for yourself. By surrounding yourself with sisters who want you to see you succeed and grow, you’ll naturally blossom and be guided to do things that you never though was possible.

That is one of the reason why, I have created the sacred sisterhood on Facebook where we support, inspire and empower one another to be the incredible goddesses who we are. We don’t ever have to go on this feminine journey alone. So meet with your girl friends on a regular basis, keep being engaged in your local community or join the free Facebook Feminine Space Community. Find your sisterhood and tribe so that we don’t lose the fire that we have ignited together.

These are my top three steps to integrate the power of #womensmarch into our daily lives and hearts. It has not been an easy journey to be a woman, but if we connect with ourselves and know what we stand for, let our hearts guide us and surround ourselves in a supportive sisterhood, then #womensmarch is only the beginning.

It starts from within and it must continue from our heart intelligence, womb wisdom and feminine power. Allow us not to take this day for granted and carry on what we have started. Let me know in the comments which (if not all) of these three steps you have taken and how the #womensmarch have shaped you and your life.

About the Author:

Natasha Koo is the Founder & ‘I Matter’ Coach of Feminine Space. She guides her clients to have the freedom to be confident and comfortable being her true self, without needing to have to prove something or be oppressed by should’s, have-to’s or others’ judgments.’ Join the free FB sisterhood where Natasha shares LIVE videos on self-care and start your free 5-day YES to ME self-love journey.

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