A typical workday is not so typical anymore. Many people are working outside of the confines of the office and the routine 9 to 5 shift, often working from home or abroad. Working outside of an office setting presents some new challenges such as not having a computer, office phone, scanner, and other office equipment readily available. However, available technology can allow you to seamlessly take your work with you wherever you are.

Discover the following six features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that can allow you to work more efficiently as you travel or work from home.

Multiple Functions to Increase Productivity

Functionality, mobility, and convenience are all important factors when deciding upon the best products when working remotely. Hauling around office equipment is not a feasible option when working remotely. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has multiple capabilities, including an edge-to-edge screen for reading and viewing documents as well as many other distinctive features.

S Pen

The distinctive S Pen is no ordinary stylus pen. You will be able to write up to 100 pages of memos or notes on your lock screen. To-do lists can be struck out and removed with ease. You can also translate text by simply hovering the pen over the text — how awesome is that feature?


The virtual assistant on the Note is named Bixby. You can activate Bixby by either voice command or by holding down the Bixby button. Bixby has the functionality to handle mundane tasks such as providing weather updates, movie times, and calendar prompts, as well as more complex commands such as editing photos or handling tasks on third-party apps such as Facebook and Instagram.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has the ability to be used as a PC when connected with Dex. Dex is a portable docking station that allows you to set up a workstation wherever you are. It is equipped with ports to support Ethernet to allow you to connect to the internet without using your phone’s mobile Wi-Fi.

HDMI functionalities through DEX allow you to power a keyboard and other accessories. You can open and use apps on a big screen and answer calls without reaching for your phone. Using Dex can remove the need to haul around a heavy laptop or tablet. Many hotels have business centers that can allow you to use their external equipment along with Dex.

App Pair

This feature allows you to open two apps side by side for multitasking. For example, you can open calendar and note apps together to document important information for an upcoming meeting. App Pair saves time by lessening the need to toggle back and forth between apps, so that you can increase your efficiency and productivity.

Battery Life

The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is impressive. It has an extended battery life of over 22 hours. Being able to complete work tasks such as making phone calls, answering emails, downloading documents, and more is important. No one wants to worry about having to charge their phones during the middle of a busy workday. The extended battery life can alleviate some of the anxiety that you may have.

Compatibility with a Reliable Network

In addition to having access to the features of the Galaxy Note 8, you should be concerned about the network as well. Having a reliable and fast network is important, especially when working remotely. Deadlines, timely communication, and processing deliverables…the list of possible work scenarios and duties can vary greatly.

Using the Galaxy Note 8 on the fast, reliable T-Mobile network, for example, can help you keep up with the tasks you need to complete without losing critical network connection. According to a recent report by OpenSignal, T-Mobile’s fastest 4G LTE network delivers reliable nationwide connection, beating out its competitors.

Working remotely is a viable and an appealing
option for many people. You’ll find many productivity tools available to help
you in your working endeavors. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a multifunctional
tool you should consider adding to your arsenal.