There are many ways to boost your productivity at the workplace, but one of the best ways is to take a break. A simple 10-minute break can do wonders, helping you to get back on track with renewed energy. Here are a few ways in which a break will help you work better:

Improves concentration and focus

Constantly working can take a toll on your cognition, resulting in mental fatigue. Taking a break for a few minutes will improve your concentration and help you focus better. You will be able to spot mistakes or problems much easier as a result of the break.

Breaks are memory boosters

It’s been observed that sleep improves a person’s memory. While nap rooms may not be available in every office, taking a 10-minute nap at your desk can re-boot your system. Nap breaks have been observed to have a positive impact on employees’ cognitive functioning.

Source of creativity

Meditation, walking, reading and a host of other activities have been observed to boost grey cell performance. By taking frequent breaks, you may get new ideas and perspectives about the work you are doing.

Increases your efficiency

Considering how breaks improve concentration, creativity, and memory, it is easy to see how when combined, they are the ingredients to working more effectively and efficiently.

Can help with weight loss

Simple stretching and walking can get your blood circulation going. It can also help you lose weight. A person needs to walk approximately 10,000 steps to keep himself/herself healthy. Interspersing regular walk breaks in-between your work will help you relax and burn those calories.

It’s nourishment for your brain

Do you have your lunch at your desk? It’s time to stop doing so. Your brain uses the time you take for lunch to repair the overused neurons by absorbing the nutrients from the food you consume. When you take a long lunch break, you give your brain a chance to recuperate and re-energize itself for the work yet to come.

Reduces the chances of on-the-job accidents

Taking frequent breaks energizes your body and mind and makes you more alert. When you are able to focus better, you will be able to spot potential threats to life or limb. Most accidents in the workplace are a result of extreme work-related stress, which can be combated by taking breaks regularly.

Lowers stress levels

Whether you choose to take a walk or decide to use your fidget cube during the break, you are sure to find yourself more relaxed. Breaks give you the opportunity to step back from work and take a breather.

Helps you meet new people

Break time is often a time for social interaction. Something as simple as a tea or coffee break may help you meet people who may be important cogs in the organizational machinery. If not, you’ll at least get to have a cup of joe with a friend.