Ever wonder how successful people enjoy a moment of rest? They really find time and prioritize comfort or self-care during the day. They believe that a person can be able to help and be there, present for somebody when you–yourself is well taken care of.

 I, my morning routine is starting my day with prayer and meditation. I do this exercise to basically figure out what is the most important to-do in my life–and that is to empower and nurture my relationships. I can be of best service to my friends, family, loved-ones and to the community at large if I take a 100% accountability of giving myself a pamper time, hence to say, being more focused and mindful. These routines are brought to me by listening to podcasts through mentors, and from listening to interviews of the most successful people in the world. So to say, acknowledging them.

Take a bit of rest, in time not only your body will thank you, but the people around you as well.