I love getting massages! Who doesn’t? A little feet rub at the end of a long day… a little neck rub… the scalp massage when getting their hair done at the salon… Oh man!

Sometimes, your body just needs a hand — ha! mom joke. Massage helps your body treat itself without the use of medications; just with heat and a little manual manipulation,

I am certain that I started seeing a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) when I was 18. Not only for my chronic back pain but because I’ve also suffered from intense headaches for just about as long of a time. I love that I feel great and pain-free after my treatment — even if it IS only for a day or two. But to have that relief and to not have to be in pain for those two days is a blessing. It’s the reason why I wanted to become a Registered Massage Therapist; I wanted to be able to help others the way my RMTs have helped me.

I would normally just see an RMT when I needed to. Sometimes I’ll go months without seeing one. When my body would feel terrible a few years ago (like 2012-ish), I would get a treatment once a month. But a few things have happened last year (4 diagnoses and an MVA), and it has caused my back to be in much more pain than it ever has been. So I started seeing an RMT pretty regularly. I was seeing mine once a week. I get so excited when I know it’s time for my treatment.

For an hour, I have a professional kneading my pain away. For an hour, it’s me taking my health first.

Esposito Massage was my first choice when I needed to see an RMT. Elizabeth Esposito was an instructor of mine when I was going to school for Registered Massage Therapy. I also know two other RMTs in her clinic because we all went to school together. So it’s nice that if Elizabeth isn’t available, I am comfortable enough with the other RMTs to get a treatment from them.

For a mom to take care of herself first is very unlikely — for me it is anyway. I would rather make sure that R, Mr J and Nala are taken care of before taking care of myself. I would make sure that the house is clean with the vacuuming and dusting done, that I’ve got all the ingredients for the meals for the week, and that all of the laundry is washed. So for me to take one hour of the week to take care of myself, I think it’s great! For one hour, I have all my tense muscles softened. I have someone making sure that my circulation is running well. Making sure that my joints are healthy.

Taking care of myself for that one hour means I get to take care of everyone else for the week. I’m not in so much pain that I get to cook meals, do laundry, vacuum.. and other things that need to get done without being in pain within the first 5 minutes.

Massage isn’t just great physically, it’s great for my mental health too! I just get to relax. I try my hardest to not think about anything. To focus on just relaxing — breathe in… breathe out. Sometimes I am so relaxed that I want to fall asleep… But I don’t want to fall asleep and miss the massage!!! Ya know? I always feel like I missed my appointment if I fell asleep during a treatment — like that hour didn’t happen. Does anyone else feel that way when they’re getting massaged? Aerosmith, anyone?

“Don’t wanna close my eyes…. don’t wanna fall asleep….. and I don’t wanna miss a thing…”

So like I said before, I love getting massages. I think everyone should get them. How about you? What is something that you do for you? Let me know in the comments!

Originally published at coffeeheartmind.com on January 25, 2017.