Mental Health

No one anticipated the pandemic outbreak in 2020! And its effect is still lingering on in our lives. On the surface, it resulted in increasing infections and death rates. The economy witnessed a downswing, and people either had salary cuts or lost their job. That aside, there were strict lockdowns and stay-at-home orders. Even though the situation has improved slightly, no one still knows when the pandemic curve will completely flatten down. And that is creating mental unrest in everyone around the globe.

Mental wellness guidelines by Michael Osland

Most people across the globe are stressed and tense with the pandemic phase. Even though the vaccination drive is successful, the virus is mutating, and no one knows how the future would look like. This apprehension alone can lead to excess dilemma and stress. Some of the valuable wellness guidelines to take care of your mental health are:

  1. Think positive

Our mind picks on from our surroundings. Hence, it’s natural for your mind to add to the tension by thinking about anxious and negative thoughts if you are in a tense circumstance. Here it is essential to focus on positive thoughts and actions consciously. One of the best ways to do that is by practicing positive affirmations. For instance, if you feel that the world is not a secure place to live, you should start affirming, “I am safe” or “My world is safe.” Positive phrases will result in a positive thought process that will benefit your mental health.

  • Get enough sleep

Often when the mind is stressed, we lose out on sleep. And that further adds to our stress and tension. Hence, it is necessary to prioritize sleep. You can work towards having a pleasant sleep. For instance, make sure not to browse the mobile one or two hours before you plan to sleep. When you cut out on the blue light, it helps your brain to relax better. When your mind isn’t perturbed, you can sleep better.

  • Exercise regularly

People who exercise regularly usually have a good mood. It’s because exercise helps to release the physical toxins and generate happy hormones. You can exercise daily at home. There are different forms that you can opt-in for, such as yoga, aerobics, or Pilates. If you want guidance, you can join an online fitness class and devote time to fitness regularly.

  • Spend time with your near ones

Currently, our social freedom is compromised. Even though we can go out with masks and sanitizer, the fear of getting infected is always there. Hence, it’s best to spend time indoors with your family and friends. Set out some time for your family members and have a hearty conversation. If you can’t meet your friends physically, make sure to connect with them through virtual video conferencing apps. It will help you feel loved and can boost your mental health.

Michael Osland says that any crisis takes a toll on our mental health. If you want to attend to your mental health during this crisis, you can follow the guidelines mentioned above.