We as people can at times rely our happiness on external factors more than we should. It may not be intentional, but frequently we place the weight of how we feel onto others and the situations we find ourselves in. It can be exhausting to have our happiness hinge on the whims of the outside world which may not be willing to carry the burden equally. When our happiness is dependent on another, it becomes much more fragile than when we find it in ourselves. It isn’t necessarily a fatal flaw, but it definitely isn’t conducive to our long-term health and well-being. We can forget that ultimately we are the ones responsible for our individual happiness and that we have more power over it than we think.

It may seem more difficult, but finding our happiness within is much healthier to weather any storms that may come and go. If we have a true sense of ourselves and seek solace within, we are never left stranded in a sea of uncertainty. We are also able to maintain our balance and peace far easier than when we lean too heavily on external validation or circumstances for what we should be searching for inside ourselves. Below we will be giving tips for taking control of our happiness into our hands.

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  • One of our priorities should always be our happiness, and that means putting an emphasis on ourselves when necessary. It may be difficult for some people who put everyone before themselves first, but we can’t chase our goals without starting at home – with ourselves. We should be able to look in the mirror and know we are championing for the person we see before us. Their happiness is just as important as the happiness of anyone else, and more so to blossom into the people we were meant to become.
  • During the process of taking control of our happiness, we may have to face some unpleasant realizations. In many cases, we must accept the circumstances and people in our lives that we can’t change. Reality sometimes places us in situations where there simply is no cut- and-dry solution, and that’s okay. We have to stop worrying about the problems we cannot solve and focus on our own well-being above all else if we hope to change aspects of our life for the better.
  • In the game of life, we have to remember that we are all merely doing our best. The goal isn’t to attain perfection, but rather to build off of what is already there. Beginning with the building blocks of what we were given is all we can do, and that in itself is enough. Through everything, we must be gentle with ourselves and know we are giving it our all, which will look different for everyone. We can’t compare our progress to that of another person and deem it insufficient.

Happiness is something that we perpetually strive toward. Sometimes it may not come easily, especially when we find ourselves in an environment not ideal for nourishing it, but it should be a continual effort on our part. Once we discover it in ourselves, we are truly able to develop it so that in the future we have a better grasp of who we are and what we want. In short, we all have to understand that happiness is a journey, not a destination.