As a Christian Coach I get to help a lot of people begin their healing process which was caused by abuse, broken relationships, rejection or just the challenges life brings. A lot of time we tend to hide our pains by covering it up with a mask of something new or someone new. When we choose not to deal with our pains it doesn’t go away. It actually lingers around and becomes the driver of our decisions and daily activities.

For years, I have worked with people that found themselves at a place of transition in life; each needing to move forward from the pains of their past or current circumstances yet is not able to identify the roots of the pain to even start the healing process. To begin the process of true healing it takes time and work.

The first step is to be Aware or acknowledge the fractures in your life. For a person to fix anything in life no matter what it is one must acknowledge that there’s a problem that needs fixing. You must recognize the signs of brokenness — swelling, sadness, numbness, and aches. Living in denial will only delay you in your healing process.

The second step is what I call ‘Identifying your Purpose’. Personally in my process this step was the hardest for me because I taught myself to believe that I wasn’t worth living. I taught myself that I was nothing and had nothing. It took me a very long time to embrace my personal values. You must believe that you are worthy of the time, effort and investments to you becoming whole. Nurture your mind with positive thoughts; your body with nutritious food; and your spirit with love. During this step I fully gave my mind, body, soul and spirit to the Lord with no questions ask. I submitted my life to a God who never left my side and asked him to be the strength that would allow me to overcome the pain.

The last step to start your journey to healing your brokenness is willingness. This is the step I call ‘Birthing Pains’. One must learn to exercise discipline, in order to complete your recovery. You must be willing to do the hard work before you. You must ‘Push through the Pain’! Whether a broken heart, depression, substance abuse, or a suicide attempt, “coming back” requires a mixing of intention and a lot of sweat.

I have witnessed God healing relationships and broken hearts. He did it for me! God helped me get my confidence back, Identified my Identity and my self-esteem. Most importantly I found the peace that I never knew was possible. Because I have overcame my brokenness now I can help others do the same. Remember that we are all in our own journeys don’t compare your pace with someone else’s. Concentrate on your victories and your process. Don’t ever give up! Push through!!

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