I am taking part in a campaign called Scroll Free September which involves taking time off social media websites during the day.

I decided to get involved in this because I wanted to spend more time doing things that are important to me such as reading insightful books or looking for work. I chose the Night Owl option where I stop using social media after 6pm.

So far, I am enjoying my break as I was previously addicted to using Facebook and Instagram. However, I started to become upset while scrolling news feeds because I felt that everyone else had better lifestyles than I did.

That was when a light bulb moment came to me and made my decision to take my mind off social networks, only checking in once or twice a week.

On the bright side, I am using LinkedIn and YouTube more often for professional reasons and to watch videos that motivate me.

My view of social media is that it can change your mindset on expressing yourself online and if it is used in the right ways then it can be very enjoyable.