Some days are just meant to be spent alone.

In solitude.

To integrate. 

To go inward from the outward experience.

To pull it all together and let the dust settle on life.

Some periods just need to be taken out of time as we know it, to come back to centre, to come back to self.

To put ourselves well and truly first.

Some days are just not the days to engage, with anyone or anything – but to find our own truth in whatever is present.

Not by fixing anything, not by meddling, but simply letting it self organise – Letting existence do the work without our interfering.

Some days the sensitivity arises so much that the thought forms can unnecessarily, but easily swing into the negative streams and tangents. This is where some days can turn into a funk, a complete head trip, and a place that we will resist dropping into the next time… 

But it’s not about it being a funk, it’s about surrendering into what the body wants, and the majority of the time, that thing is rest. 

Simply to rest, to come back to self with gentleness and ease.

It’s not about letting the mind attach to old stories or thought forms which can easily swing down a path you don’t want to be, but to SURRENDER, to FEEL, and to BREATHE, knowing that this is just another wave, another inward phase, but one that if surrendered to fully and completely, will result in a cleaner, fresher you on the way back UP & OUT!


? – Eugenio Marongiu