As an 18 year old, hailing from a family of business owners, Entrepreneurship was the absolute LAST thing I saw myself doing!

Even after I ranked 1st in my Business Studies examination in the world in my A Levels (and 2nd position in the world in Information & Communications Technology and 5th position in th world in Accounting), I never batted an eye towards doing a degree in business studies, because I had my mind fixated on becoming a Chartered Accountant.

A Chartered Accountant why, you ask? (Chartered Accountant is equivalent to a CPA in North America)

Because of the

  1. Career Stability
  2. Prestige
  3. Logic & Rationality
  4. High Financial Reward

And soo even though it has to be one of the toughest of career choices, where I was often scared with tales of hair-loss and old-age… I still embarked on the journey and honestly…did a pretty great job.

By the age of 25, I was a dual qualified chartered accountant – ACA from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ireland and ACCA – from the global Association of Certified Chartered Accountants. Had a loving husband, doting daughter and supporting family members, and were planning to buy our first house.

I was living my to say..

And then came the news that I was expecting my second child, and everything seemed to have changed since then.

It was a particularly busy stretch at work since the time I got the news and because she was unplanned, I hadn’t had a chance to mentally prepare and placate. The new promotion at work and a pretty challenging busy 6 months, took a dire effect on my health and stress levels during the whole tenure (I was a naturally stressful person and a recovering perfectionista, so you can imagine). I developed gestational diabetes, meaning my sugar levels shot up… which meant more trips to the hospital while fasting since the night before…..and for anybody who hasn’t been through it, it isn’t the most pleasant of trips… Trust me..

And so what I experienced during my whole pregnancy, during childbirth, during my maternity leave (with early symptoms of a minor postnatal depression) and since after I joined back work for the last 8 months.. I went through this HUGE journey of confusion, doubt, stress and resulting self-realization, self-awareness and self-development..

Where It was like

I was being challenged to do a reality check on my circumstances

I was being pushed to do an audit of my choices…my decisions

I was being forced to look at the bigger picture of my journey… it being my entire LIFE

And honestly…. It had to be one of the MOST excruciating, painful and scary phase of my life….

Yet the most Enlightening, Fulfilling and the happiest of journeys for me.

And so, If you are going through a stage of unrest… upheaval and feeling undue mehs…. It could be a sign that you are being called to serve your bigger purpose…. And .the following 5 symptoms can comprehensively diagnose your entrepreneurial gems (aka germs)….

1.You do not feel like you want to do your present thing anymore!

Be it your current 9-5, or your part-time stint or your stay at home mommy role….. You just dont feel like it’s keeping you happy and content and filled anymore.

2.There is more anxiety and stress and traces of unhappiness

Yes, we all experience these emotions on a day to day basis, but now the mood swings seem longer, the irritation seems second nature and the frustration seems perpetual… which are blaring signs that you are being directed towards a big change in your life

3.You are meeting more and more people doing great things and setting examples and leading from heart

It may seem now that everyone is reconsidering their career, everyone is going through a quarter-life or mid-life crises…and you come across more and more entrepreneurs trailblazing their paths (thanks to facebook ads) and doing it effortlessly and you are like wohhhh that seems and sounds like me!

4.You as a person are emotionally transitioning to your Higher Self

What seemed to excite you before now seems petty and non-existent, or even frustrates you, and you are on the path of discovering your true self… your true identity..your true authenticity… and its both liberating and scary at the same time.

5.You feel like there is MUCH more in life that you are capable of doing!

Yes you are happy and grateful for all that you have done…amassed…and achieved..but deep down, you know you have it in you to leave an even deeper IMPACT!……and yes you do!

If you can relate and resonate with any of the point above or all of them… welcome to the path of entrepreneurship my friend – the scariest yet most exciting roller-coaster ride of your life…..

Where you’re going to be tested and channelled and blessed and all at the same time

where you’re going to find a way to channel your talent, your vision, your energy and your purpose to