In times of turmoil and confusion when everyone is looking outside of themselves for answers, the best and most beneficial thing we can do for ourselves is to look within.

My whole life I have been uncovering and discovering myself through what I call “Taking the Journey In”.

Nothing else in my life has been more fulfilling, more joyful, more rich, more rewarding, more juicy – and just plain MORE – than the uncovering and discovering of my authentic self. Since I was young I have been fascinated and in love with the mystery. I am in love with the mystery of the universe and I am in love with the mystery of me and how I fit into the overall grand plan.

I am unapologetic about it, and I want you to feel the same. 

When we find ourselves in times of distress and are asking ourselves what life is really about, it’s time to turn within so we can find our light and then be able to turn it up and shine it out – back into the world.

For a long time my life was the quest of a destination. That quest is why in physical reality so many people chase the things they think are going to make them happy. People chase relationships, jobs, a house, a car, more money. I chased all these things. And, each time they would lead to the same place. The thrill of the pursuit only to find that the capture of them brought temporary and fleeting fulfillment that didn’t last. A little like empty calories. They taste good when going down, but ultimately you are left with nothing but an empty feeling.

When I turned forty-four, the age my father was when he died, I took a hard look at my life. I was half way done. I was overworked in a job I didn’t love. I was stressed out. I was having a health crisis and there were too many things in my life that were not working. So I made some really big changes in my life. I stepped out of all of that, and I stepped into myself.

Now I am fifty and what I have learned is that by taking the journey into myself, I have discovered that the joy, fulfillment and richness of life is found “along the way”. It’s in the uncovering and in the discovering. It’s in the journey which is about how we are experiencing life along the way – not the arrival of a destination.

In my previous life I was stuck in the chase – and there was no “experiencing”. There was only playing catch up.

Awakening into the infinite aspect of my true nature as a Divine limitless being was a real game-changer for me. Deepening the relationship I had with myself and the part of me that is connected to the All That Is Intelligence organizing the universe, gave me an inner strength and a sense of personal empowerment that I had, in the past, always pursued outside of myself. As a former corporate executive and breast cancer survivor, when I discovered my personal power existed inside myself, it changed my life. It was there all along. It was just covered up. The revelation of my authentic self has instilled confidence, self-worth and a courageous heart within me. And that has led to living a more fulfilling, rich, juicy existence on this planet.

What I also discovered in my journey, is it’s now my mission, my soul’s purpose if you will – to inspire other people to uncover the things that keep them up from experiencing themselves as a Divine Being. 

My motivation is helping people recognize the limitless aspect of their true nature. To help people discover the part of themselves that is a Creator.

As each person does their own work to raise their individual consciousness, to raise their personal vibration, to awaken – we uplift the entire planet around us. Imagine if everyone turned within, toward their loving heart and stood forward as the creator they are. To Be fully grounded in their authentic Self. To know that they have the personal power to design and create whatever they want to bring into their existence.

Aligning with the idea that nothing is more important than the discovery and the birthing of your authentic self is the foundation to a rich, juicy and fulfilling life. 


  • Donna Bond, M.A.

    Igniter of Light | Catalyst for Personal Transformation | Spiritual Life and Business Coach

    Consciousness Rising, Inc

    A catalyst for personal transformation, professional life and business coach, spiritual advisor, author and inspirational speaker, Donna Bond’s work centers on serving individual transformation of consciousness. Empowering women to live into the full potential of their lives, from the inside out Donna is the author of Original Wisdom: Harness the Power of the Authentic You. Donna offers inspiring workshops and transformative in-depth coaching programs to assist clients across the globe achieve new heights of meaningful success, personal fulfillment and Spiritual aliveness using the principles and practices of Spiritual Psychology. Donna Bond, M.A. is a graduate of the University of Santa Monica where she earned her master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing. She is a contributor to various publications such as Thrive Global, The Huffington Post, Radiance and The San Clemente Journal. With 28 years as a hospitality business executive Donna served as VP of Sales & Marketing with Sunstone Hotels. In 2013 after the 3rd consecutive year winning the Western Regional Marketing Achievement Award with The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, divine guidance helped her see that she wanted her energy, time and ultimately her life, to have deeper meaning and fulfillment for herself and those around her. In 2014 she decided to dedicate the rest of her time on the planet to a purpose-driven business with the intention of raising the vibration on the planet through individual transformation of consciousness. Since 2009, Donna has been the visioning force behind award winning oil painter Paul Bond, helping him realize his dreams creating a richer, more fulfilling life. As a life long Spiritual seeker unfolding into her own self-discovery, Donna lives an empowered existence on her personal and professional path of Spiritual evolution. Her intention is to assist others in leading a more open, authentic, loving and fulfilled life supporting her Soul’s mission of raising the vibration on the planet. Visit