I create experiences that inspire. For twenty years, I’ve combined travel and education into a business that connects fully with others to help them align their purpose, their desires, and their life path in truly transformative ways.

These experiences are always meaningful, open-hearted . . . . and sometimes rowdy. ?

In the business of coaching, teaching, and travel, there comes an exchange. I share my stories, my expertise, and teach tried and true life skillsets. From others around me that I can learn from, I soak up all I can.

My recent trip to San Francisco showed me this:

So much hustle. The current flowing through the city is moving.

And I loved it. I love the chaos of it all. There’s a frenzy and a clash of perspectives, dietary demands, and jubilant discussions that carry on late into our evenings. It’s. So. Exhilarating.

I would banter back and forth with fascinating and engaging people in dialogues that were emotional, intelligent and hilarious until we have all learned something of value we can tuck into our pocket and take with us as we step forward and back into the riotous rush.

But these fast connections spark only because there was a catching charm in something spoken. Something we wanted to latch on to and keep.

In the strategically structured days or accidental meet-ups a quick, honest, friendly remark becomes something more and then a connection is made…in life, in business, on Facebook, Linked In, Instagram . . . . all the ways we are social.

This is how a connection transpires. The exchange. Who am I connecting with and what can I learn? Who is connecting with me and needs what I have to give?

These connections are part of the magic in the thriving, colorful, and busy current we live in.

But then . . .

. . .There is the other side to the push and pull of the City:

There was no stopping.

While in San Francisco, I merged into the hustle. A current flowing with beautiful and vivacious people moving at electric speeds with not enough time they needed to breathe.

In the hurried hours of each day, I noticed those longing for more meaning in their life or those seeking a moment of peace as they ticked off each to-do in a flurry.

The world is full of cities like SF: fast-paced and intense in so many powerful ways that breed productivity, success and escalate our ambitions. In other ways, this momentum can feel suffocating, or even create disconnection or a loss of our footing.

Snatching opportunities here, meeting deadlines, attending dinners, joining meet-ups, our weekends racked with to-do’s and catch-ups, competitions and celebrations, cramming in anything we perceive as valuable in the moment.   We don’t want to risk being passed over, left out, left behind, missing a chance, or being judged if we need to stop for a few minutes.  Or a day.

San Francisco was a snapshot of what’s happening to so many of us. We just move.

These snugly-fit schedules don’t allow much time for unfocused thinking, processing, or even healing. When can we make plans for something different? When do we check in with ourselves?

It was invigorating to reconnect with my people, and connect with new faces that have now become my people.

They are a fun-loving, ambitious mélange of professionals of all ages who love adventure, healthy lifestyles, family, and forward motion.

The time spent amongst them served to validate my entire purpose in my life and business: creating transformational experiences that help all of us connect more clearly, deeply, and honestly with who we are and what we want to be.

Coaching, teaching, facilitating, . . . whichever tagline is trending or resonating or hash-tagging – this is what I do.

I create experiences where people can take a breath. Where they connect back with themselves and find their purpose.

My Coaching & Mentoring Program does exactly this. I deliver a series of 1:1 online sessions that teach and inspire those in transition. My clients are given tools, learn a process, and see results in their life as they move with confidence to a place that serves them better.

We all struggle, and whether we like it or not, a transition takes time.

But the struggle is never for ALL time.    We can transition through.

And as for that ever-flowing, never ceasing current we all swim in… it’s a beautiful thing to be a part of the flow and shimmer.

But as I experienced with those who I connected with while in San Francisco, each of us needs to come up for air on occasion in order to keep moving through the current with intention and flow in the direction we choose.

If we seek clarity and purpose in our lives, then creating the time to let ourselves breathe is how we start.

Time to align our decisions with our desires. Time to reconnect.

And then jump back in the current. ?


With all its victories and lessons, this decade is coming to a close. Now is the opportune time to make the changes you want for your life.

Reply below if my 1:1 private coaching and mentoring sessions will serve you, and you are ready. We’ll have a friendly chat. ?

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~ Christy