Talented in Poetry? Social Media Can Do Wonders for You

Every now and then an artist or a writer would stumble upon the question – can you spin a career out of your talents? In a capitalist world as today’s, our minds are saturated with the concepts of survival, growth, and success, where leading a life with monetary success remains the foreground of our contemporary active role. It is true – eventually, you are part of the capitalist bandwagon and no matter how much you wish to revolt against the system, you simply cannot escape the matrix. After all, bills are to be paid.

Finding your spot in the digital space can do a great deal of benefit to your objective. Social media is one option, home to billions of internet users from across the globe. Content creators having expertise in different fields have leveraged social media’s power and the dynamics of influencer marketing in turning their mere hobbies into full-time careers.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are popular among the myriad community of content creators who are putting forth remarkable examples of garnering success with their platforms and ventures. A very specific example remains Arch Hades, a poet from the United Kingdom who has achieved social media stardom through her breathtaking poetry. Arch Hades’ poetry is the perfect personification of her ability in writing and the words, upon reading, simply strike a different cord in one’s heart. Here’s one – “And even though my heart is breaking, it is for you that it’s still aching.”

Arch Hades’ poetry work can be found on her Instagram profile which currently stands on over 102k followers. She is actively engaged on her profile with frequent updates and she follows a very minimalistic style and pattern of doing poetry. She has gained a great number of followers in a very short span of time, which is indeed a remarkable achievement.

For her poetic and rhetorical prowess, Arch Hades has been profoundly noticed by the community and won mentions in different publications and media outlets. The Daily Mail, Essex Magazine, Female First, Frost Magazine, Swns, TLE, New Zealand Herald, etc. have all taken notice of her and her commendable work. That’s not all; she has compiled her beautiful scripts in a book which is available on Amazon under the title “High Tide: Poetry & Postcards”.

For the aspiring content creators, whether they are digital artists, painters, dancers, writers or poets like Hades, social media appears to offer a great opportunity to get started from. It is all about seeking traction and popularity of billions of eyeballs consuming content on digital platforms, and making one’s space with their unique content can certainly work out for them.

Hades puts forward a brilliant example of making one’s way in the technologically advanced and digitally accelerated world of today.