This cutting-edge plastic surgery practice opened a new center in Atlanta, GA, and plans to move into the DC and Houston, TX markets later this year. Impressive! Especially, when you consider how many businesses have been slowing down and cutting back.

Dr. Sergey Voskin M.D., the founder of Goals Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery, attributes this great success to Goals’ incredible and trusting clientele. “Without the trust of our amazing clients and a staff of dedicated experts, Goals would not be experiencing the rapid growth we are currently seeing,” says Dr. Voskin.

But where does this outstanding faith come from? Perhaps, it has something to do with Goals’ perspective on cosmetic surgery. The team at Goals’ believes, “plastic and cosmetic surgery is a medium of artistic expression that is on display with the practical application of scientific knowledge, the production of what is beautiful, a perfection of workmanship, a perpetual quest for improvement, a skill attained through clinical experience, and above all, making people feel happy about what they see in the mirror.”

Talk about #goals!

It’s About The Goals

Born and raised in Baku, Azerbaijan, Dr. Sergey Voskin completed his residency at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York before training with some of the most well known plastic surgeons in the world. With plenty of experience and multiple levels of education under his belt, Voskin opened Goals Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery.

For Dr. Voskin, improvement comes from constantly refining the technique. His pursuit of understanding the beautiful gave him the keys to an industry-leading aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery company that offers a wide range of invasive and non-invasive procedures.

What motivates him to keep expanding upon ‘beauty’?

The answer is simple: Dr. Voskin is devoted to helping patients achieve their goals, build confidence, and, quite frankly, change their lives. He and his team of doctors strive to provide the highest standard of excellence when sculpting the body of your dreams. Dr. Voskin has created a company that will redefine your value, all the while, making sure the treatments you desire are accessible to you.

Redefining Value

Goals Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery was created so that you can, well, achieve your goals. Since plastic surgery tends to be more affordable abroad, the team at Goals saw an opening in the market right here in the United States.

Dr. Voskin wants everyone to have access to safe procedures stating, “We see people scramble to the Dominican Republic or South America for cheaper, but riskier plastic surgery. We opened Goals so that any client can have access to safe cosmetic surgery. Our team’s goal is to maintain the highest standards of technique, care, and results. Whether you are an influencer or a mom of two, we make sure you can afford the best version of you.”

Because they focus on their clients, the value they bring to you is life-changing. So many feel beautiful on the inside, but when they look in the mirror, that beauty gets lost. This is the promise of plastic surgery. It’s not only about how you look. It’s about how you feel. Remember the best version of you comes from a mind that is content with the image in the reflection.

It’s About Reflecting the Best Version of You

The team at Goals has redefined plastic surgery as artistic expression. Experts like Dr. Voskin, are here to help you redefine your beauty. They work with their clients to ensure safe, effective, affordable, and life-changing results.

With Goals Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery, you will feel confident standing in front of that mirror and seeing the best version of you reflected back.

“The trust of our amazing clients really comes from being part of the exciting growth energy Goals Plastic Surgery is experiencing and because of our promise to you: results that will redefine your value.

Goals Plastic Surgery is a fast-growing aesthetic and plastic surgery chain that is taking the world by storm with its affordable rate that appeals to people at all income levels. Their mission is to keep their services affordable and accessible to all income levels while still keeping a high quality of care. Click here to learn more: