An exclusive 6-day reading retreat, with the award-winning American author of the iconic best-selling books “Circe” and “Song of Achilles”, Mrs. Madeline Miller, will take place in Greece from September 26th to October 1st 2019. It will be hosted in Westin Costa Navarino, an idyllic destination in one of the most unspoiled and breathtaking places in the Mediterranean with a history spanning across 4.500 years!

“I was thrilled when Travelgems
proposed the retreat to me. I love Greece’s present and past, and have been inspired by both my whole life.  Costa Navarino and its environs are a feast, intellectually, spiritually, and sensually.  It will be a privilege to get to spend time in such a gorgeous spot, discussing myth and Homer with a passionate group of readers.”

Madeline Miller

The retreat will feature reading sessions, workshops and open discussions with the author, as well as interactive activities and tours. The in-depth journey into Homer’s myths and stories will be facilitated by the contribution of the well-known Classics Professor and an honorable researcher at The Academy of Athens, Dr. Evi Papadodima.

Participants will immerse into ancient Greek culture and nurture their souls with the wise learnings of the glorious past. They will be given the opportunity to interact with like-minded people and enjoy the experience of visiting the pristine beaches of Greece, a land of spectacular beauty with an endless variety of landscapes.

Miller draws her inspiration from the writings of Homer and is well known for her ability to bring the myths into the contemporary reality, creating a relevance that promotes the ancient Greek spirit and culture.

As the organizer of this event, we are happy and proud to include literature, a form of fine art, in our travel adventures.

Art has a limitless power in converting the human soul – a power that the ancient Greeks called “psychagogia”. Travel, on the other hand, can be healing. It uncovers perspective, reorders ambitions, silences fear and can fit perfectly into your daily life and contribute to your personal growth.

When art is combined with travel the end result is magical.

This past year I personally realized that spirituality is the only path to personal growth.

My spiritual quest has accelerated and enforced my business. For the past 10 months, Travelgems has organized and facilitated awe-inspiring travel experiences nurturing the body and the soul and we love it!

Tickets for “Talking to Homer” 6-day reading retreat can be found through Eventbrite and exclusive travel agents.