The biggest stress reliever for me in work and life, in general, is music says, Prashant Basista.

During the interview process, I talk with Mr Basista about how he manages to run a successful business and manage stress. He is a versatile entrepreneur and CEO of Thedigitalfame.

What does motivation mean to you?

Motivation to me means not letting anything from your past stop you from succeeding, taking all the negative things people say and turning them into positives, seeing so many successful people around you and know that we are all human and anyone can achieve what they want.

How do you manage stress at work and in life?

The biggest stress reliever for me in work and life, in general, is music. I listen to all types of music and there is a different genre for every mood I am in. It’s very easy to get stressed in life and its important to find a way to cope that works. It may be different for everyone.

Which books do you read and recommend to get inspiration and motivation?

I believe books can inspire and motivate us which is why we should adopt the habit of reading. Some of my favorites are: Think and Grow Rich, the Rich Dad Poor Dad series, and The Law of Attraction.

I also asked with Prashant, Who is your inspiration and support?

Having s strong support system is crucial in life. For me, my sister is my support system. She has been there for me my whole life.

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Lastly, When finishing my interview I asked Prashant to know how people can contact him and he says,

 Instagram @mr_basista