Give a voice to what you are authentically feeling and recognize that it is okay to experience different emotions whether it is happiness, sadness or melancholy. Honest emotional expression is your authentic experience as a human being.

With all that’s going on in our country, in our economy, in the world, and on social media, it feels like so many of us are under a great deal of stress. We know that chronic stress can be as unhealthy as smoking a quarter of a pack a day. For many of us, our work, our livelihood, is a particular cause of stress. Of course, a bit of stress is just fine, but what are stress management strategies that leaders use to become “Stress-Proof” at work? What are some great tweaks, hacks, and tips that help to reduce or even eliminate stress from work? As a part of this series, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Tammeron Karaim of Inner Lights Academy.

Tammeron is an award-winning businesswoman, author, shamanic storyteller, who loves empowering entrepreneurial women to build their businesses exponentially by using her secret astrology hacks. As a spiritual alchemist, business astrologer, ex-private investigator, media host and star of the current weekly, “Your Time Matters” podcast, she has guided hundreds of thousands of listeners for over 14 years to connect to their SOUL’S VOICE and own their TRUTH. Non-believers, her “woo woo” magic works!

Two decades ago, she overcame deep depression and suicidal ideation to embrace her spiritual awakening, transforming within her own story from victim to victor.

She has a passion for encouraging women to gather together, especially around a roaring campfire, under the Full Moon.

Tammeron is a genuine foodie, who loves volunteering, hiking, sharing her “secret” recipes of holistic remedies, and nature photography.

Her favourite thing about life is “being a mom.”

Thank you so much for joining us in this interview series! Before we dive in, our readers would love to know how you got from “there to here.” Inspire us with your backstory!

The backstory that inspired me to have such passion for this cause was triggered in the fall of 1999 when my father passed away from cirrhosis of the liver. At the time, I was a stay-at-home mom volunteering full-time in my small community with two young boys. The exact day my father died I found myself staring into an authentic mirror. I made a sudden vow to myself that I would not allow my challenges to drive me into a life of unhealthy living with the use of cigarettes and alcohol as a coping mechanism. I had watched my father live a certain way that was not for me.

I visualized my future, my intuition was guiding me to take massive action steps for myself, so that my two children would not be standing in the same shoes.

However, I had no idea the choices I made that day would catapult me into becoming a leader to empower entrepreneurial women in my own business twenty years into the future.

I soon suffered from heavy feelings of grief that quickly spiralled into a deep depression with the Christmas holidays right around the corner. I became more reclusive and tried to cope with no certified emotional support. I wanted my life to change and the task ahead seemed overwhelming. I felt ashamed. I contemplated taking my own life. I did not know how to fix what was happening to me. I did want to reach out for help because I did not want to appear weak.

Early in the new year, I attempted a quick fix with a trip to my doctor’s office and walked out with a prescription for an anti-depressant and a name of a family counsellor.

I explained to her that I could not stop crying. I thought it was due to the grief of losing my father. I threw the medication in the garbage after just one dose because my physical body felt strange.

My first step was to learn how to deal with what I was genuinely feeling and, I found myself needing to learn how to express my emotions in front of a counsellor. My first attempt was a marriage counsellor which didn’t seem to address my issues. Then I was referred to a private counsellor who specialized in dealing with co-dependent relationships.

It was a real wake-up call when a specialized counsellor gave me the option to take back my power by reading highly recommended books and educating myself on my core issue at hand.

It was like a huge door had opened with a new road to travel on with no real map. I was scared because I knew I would be alone. However, I relied on my intuition and just took the first step.

Over time, I began doing my research in the health and wellness industry and located nearby holistic private schools. I enrolled in a private school as a certified Health Coach, studying many different modalities to learn about natural methods and remedies for emotional well-being so that I could find new ways to cope with my mental state of mind.

I began meeting new people I felt authentically aligned with who were also on a similar path. I became happier and stronger every single day. Many people in my immediate surroundings within my circle of close friends, local community members and other thought leaders in the health and wellness industry were acknowledging my transformation and began asking for my advice.

My regular daily routines of meditation, journaling, using natural remedies for emotional well-being, making healthier food choices, preparing more home-cooked meals and carving time for regular outdoor exercise became a natural, basic prescription for my happiness and well-being.

I soon opened my first brick-and-mortar retail business within seven years.

My personal life had taken on a new meaning with a higher purpose that eventually led me into a leadership role now in my business model as a female entrepreneur.

What lessons would you share with yourself if you had the opportunity to meet your younger self?

I would teach myself to always trust my intuition and to remind myself that it is not logical. Too often I had dismissed my intuitive abilities because I spoke out loud without realizing that my intuition was guiding me to the truth. Unfortunately, the other people around me felt uncomfortable and I chose to shut my abilities down due to the reaction of the people around me. I had no idea that I was uncovering private information that brought real issues to the surface.

Having a regular private journaling practice can give anyone an outlet to write down their thoughts that does not necessarily have to be shared with anyone else unless that is a choice to make.

None of us are able to experience success without support along the way. Is there a particular person for whom you are grateful because of the support they gave you to grow you from “there to here?” Can you share that story and why you are grateful for them?

I would agree with the quote “ It takes a village to raise a child” because my success has been a journey through trial and error and by learning from different role models that I chose to follow.

I am most grateful for a business coach named Lin M. Eleoff that I hired back in 2016. She was teaching a program to female entrepreneurs and it was very specific to time management. I realized that I did not permit myself permission to look after myself first so that I could be of service to others. I very quickly implemented a work-from-home strategy that I continue to use to this day. Over the past 6 years, I have enhanced my work planning schedule by enhancing my daily habits that are now aligned with the energy of specific planets in astrology. Each day of the week is represented by a specific planet and I use this ancient wisdom to help the energy of my business to flow better. I have more effective time management skills that feel more aligned with my personal and business life.

Are you working on any exciting new projects now? How do you think it might help people?

I have my latest project that I have just launched in January that is a 3-month program to support female entrepreneurs to flourish exponentially in their business using my secret astrology hacks. This 5 module course is designed for entrepreneurs who are new to astrology and want to learn how to use it in their business. It covers topics such as building relationships, emotional well-being, personal development and astrological business planning. By the end of the course, participants will have a better understanding of astrology and how it can be integrated into their business and personal life to achieve a more fulfilling life aligned with their higher purpose.

Ok, thank you for sharing your inspired life. Let’s now talk about stress. How would you define stress?

Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. It can refer to the feeling of being overwhelmed and unable to cope with demands, and it can also refer to the physical and physiological responses that occur as a result of this feeling.

In the Western world, humans typically have their shelter, food, and survival needs met. So what has led to this chronic stress? Why are so many of us always stressed out?

Chronic stress is a common experience in the current times, especially with the ongoing global health crisis. The fear of the unknown and uncertainty surrounding the future is a significant source of stress for many individuals. Chronic stress is a long-term response to daily stressors, which can take a toll on mental and physical health.

What are some of the physical manifestations of being under a lot of stress? How does the human body react to stress?

People may experience anxiety, depression, sleep problems, weakened immune system, and even heart disease due to prolonged exposure to stress. The unpredictability of the current situation, including the uncertain timeline for a return to normal life, is a major contributor to this chronic stress. It is important for individuals to find healthy ways to manage stress, such as exercise, mindfulness, and seeking support from friends and family.

Is stress necessarily a bad thing? Can stress ever be good for us?

Although stress is often thought of as a negative experience, it can also have some benefits. Stress can motivate a person to take action and improve their situation. It can also enhance performance in certain situations, such as in sports or public speaking. Additionally, stress can strengthen relationships and bring people together as they work to find solutions to stressful situations. Finally, stress can also help people to grow and develop resilience, as they learn to cope with and overcome challenging experiences.

Is there a difference between being in a short term stressful situation versus an ongoing stress? Are there long term ramifications to living in a constant state of stress?

Yes, there is a difference between short-term and long-term stress. While short-term stress can be beneficial in certain situations, ongoing stress can have negative effects on a person’s physical and mental health. Chronic stress can weaken the immune system, increase the risk of depression and anxiety, and lead to a host of physical health problems such as heart disease, headaches, digestive issues, and sleep disturbances. Prolonged exposure to stress hormones can also have negative effects on the brain, leading to memory problems and decreased cognitive function. Therefore, it is important to find healthy ways to manage stress and prevent it from becoming chronic.

Is it even possible to eliminate stress?

No, it is not possible to completely eliminate stress. Stress is a normal part of life and can be triggered by various events and circumstances, both positive and negative. However, it is possible to manage stress and reduce its impact on one’s life. This can be achieved through a variety of strategies such as exercise, mindfulness and relaxation techniques, healthy coping mechanisms, time management, and seeking support from friends, family, or mental health professionals. The key is to identify personal triggers and develop a personalized stress management plan that works best for you. By effectively managing stress, you can reduce its negative effects and improve your overall well-being.

In your opinion, is this something that we should be raising more awareness about, or is it a relatively small issue? Please explain what you mean.

In my opinion, I feel that we need more awareness around emotional and mental health issues to change the perception that “something is wrong with you” if you feel the need to ask for help.

Asking for help is a superpower, not an act of shame.

We are now in the Age of Aquarius energy that represents empathy, compassion, acceptance, small groups, community, spirituality and global awareness.

Many people are battling mental health issues and feeling alone and lost.

However, as a certified astrologer, I believe the challenges that we are all facing allow an opportunity to come together by supporting each other.

Simple acts of kindness can go a long way as long as we can remove old limiting beliefs that asking for help is a weakness.

When in fact, it may become our greatest superpower.

What if we permit ourselves to believe that reaching out was a path to empowerment?

Would it change how we behave and look at ourselves and others?

Any person can begin their journey of empowerment.

It can be extremely beneficial to learn how to use astrology to reveal your spiritual story theme and uncover which powerful emotion may be necessary to break through feeling like a victim so that anyone can shift into feeling victorious and into a balanced emotional state of well-being.

The clues are written in the stars based on the day you were born.

Let’s talk about stress at work. Numerous studies show that job stress is the major source of stress for American adults and that it has escalated progressively over the past few decades. For you personally, if you are feeling that overall, work is going well, do you feel calm and peaceful, or is there always an underlying feeling of stress? Can you explain what you mean?

When I am at work I feel there is always a level of stress to cross off the to-do-lists and to reach specific deadlines and goals. However, I am more productive to achieve these results when I am happier, more focussed and I plan my time more effectively. By having a solid strategy to look after my emotional well-being gives me the tools so that I can be more successful and remain calm. Once this is accomplished I feel more peace because I know what simple, yet powerful strategies I can use to feel less stressed throughout the week.

Okay, fantastic. Here is the main question of our interview: Can you share with our readers your “5 stress management strategies that busy leaders can use to become “Stress-Proof” at Work?” Please share a story or example for each.

I have 5 stress management strategies that I can recommend for busy leaders to use regularly. I have included a short video link:

  • Learn some basic information about astrology, especially from qualified astrologers who teach about the emotional well-being that is represented by the Moon in astrology. Pay attention to specific cycles so that you can relate to your own emotions that might be triggered by the Moon’s energy!
  • Give a voice to what you are authentically feeling and recognize that it is okay to experience different emotions whether it is happiness, sadness or melancholy. Honest emotional expression is your authentic experience as a human being.
  • Learn how to use natural remedies to re-balance any negative emotions that you are feeling such as food, herbs, spices or high-grade essential oils. We have many alternative options at our fingertips to experience more happiness and a higher vibration.
  • Increase your water intake and use herbal teas as an additional option to help reduce dehydration and improve your cognitive function especially, around the middle of the day.
  • Get outside more often to breathe in fresh, clean air with a simple practice of just 3 minutes per day and increase this amount of time.

Do you have any favorite books, podcasts, or resources that have inspired you to live with more joy in life?

To live with more joy, I have uncovered many incredible resources, however my favorite methods are the following:

  • A weekly podcast series that is released every Thursday called “Your Time Matters” from the Inner Lights Academy TV Youtube channel that provides fantastic astrology information and shares what emotional feelings might be triggered due to what planets are being activated in the astrological sky. Plus there are recommendations for holistic remedies to help maintain emotional well-being along with simple strategies to connect with your intuition.
  • A book titled Water: For Health, for Healing, for Life: You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty! by F. Batmanghelidj and Fereydoon Batmanghelidj

You are a person of great influence. If you could start a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger. 🙂

I have started my online global women’s community to teach the importance of implementing the ancient wisdom of astrology as a regular teaching practice rather than the traditional methods of schooling.

I believe we can empower ourselves by tapping into our personal birth chart information to embrace our strengths and reveal our weaknesses so that we can flourish rather than be graded based on performance.

My goal is to empower over 100 million people within the next 3–5 years!

What is the best way for our readers to continue to follow your work online?

Women’s Facebook Community

Youtube Channel Inner Lights Academy TV


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Tammeron empowers entrepreneurial women to build their business using

This was very inspiring. Thank you so much for the time you spent on this. We wish you only continued success.


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