Tanaka Tava


Meet Tanaka Tava, the founder of Tava Multimedia Group LLC. It is an internet production company that produces inspirational and intellectually engaging content that adds value across the globe with a fresh perspective.

Tanaka Tava’s professional front

Tanaka Tava is a Zimbabwean-American media entrepreneur from Dallas, Texas, who builds brands and tells meaningful stories through his faith-inspired passion, purpose, and creativity. He is a servant of Yahweh and uses his gifts to spread the Gospel. He does this through the mediums of entertainment, media, and technology. Tanaka Tava is also the co-founder and Chief Information Officer at Videloo. In addition, he is the creative director of Iconic, which is luxury streetwear, and lead creator of Tava Multimedia Group. Tava is also the executive producer of Campus Cuts: Talk Show.

Tanaka’s list of achievements

At the young age of 22 years, Tanaka Tava has already amassed a lifetime of accomplishments. He has been featured in national news publications and magazines, self-published a best-selling book, and invited to speak at TED. Tanaka has also had the opportunity to interview celebrities, entrepreneurs, and the world’s most influential minds on his podcast: Campus Cuts, with over 600,000 downlods in the past year.

Obstacles faced by Tava during his journey

Tanaka mentions that he has faced many rejections from graduate schools and accelerators. He has spent many late nights trying to build his career. Tava also says that many people rejected him at the beginning of his career.

The sole purpose of Tanaka Tava’s life

‘The biggest passion I have is to inspire others to go after their true desires.’ says Tanaka.  He wants to help people see different perspectives with an empathetic view and help others find their meaning of success. 

The key to Tava’s success

Tanaka believes that he has attained success because he has a support system, a calm mind, a fit body, and a house full of love. Tava states that success starts when one believes that he is enough and follows a vision in mind. ‘I believe that success is waking up being true to yourself and your lifestyle with the freedom to impact.’ marks Tanaka.

The long-term vision of Tanaka

Tava mentions that in the long run, he wants to be a great father and a husband. When it comes to his career, Tanaka wishes to continue to expand the business with empathy-based business practices to help bring sustainable practices.