When you want to feel good, where’s the first place you turn?

There’s an endless list of stuff we use to “give us energy”.

Caffeine, some foods (but not others), exercise, music, driving fast, drugs, sex, etc.

We feel empowered when we wear a great outfit or have a good hair day. We get a boost from status symbols like the car we drive or the label on our kids diaper bag.

The problem with turning to external material things to give us a sense of power is that they’re always temporary and short lived. They’re weak and flimsy, and the so-called effects are false and superficial.

Even worse, putting your trust and faith in the man-made and the physical opens the door to the flip side of the coin.

If you don’t have access to your “thing”, you’ll have to suffer the consequences. Not feeling your best, fear and anxiety are the result.

When you rely on a thing as your source, there’s the lurking danger of it being taken away or not being available when you think you need it.

Learn to rely instead on the true source of your power within you.

Your true supply is unlimited, it’s available at all times and under every circumstance, and it’s even intelligent. Intelligent meaning it’s there only for your good and in just the right amount.

This source is always on the job, and it never takes a break.

One other thing, this source is already inside you. You reside within it, and it resides within you.

“You are always nearer the divine and the true sources of your power than you think.” — John Burroughs

Your true source of power is the same power that created and governs the universe and everything contained within it.

Some call this source, “Source”. You can call it God, Source, Mind, Divine Love, Spirit, Universal Intelligence, Creator….But know this is what energizes and animates you.

When you rest securely in this knowledge, it really begins to feel silly that we fall into the trap of believing we need some man-made thing to power us.

Even the smallest awareness and understanding or your power source is enough to greatly increase it.

If it’s new for you to think of your power coming from a higher, unseeable source, here’s how you can tap into it.

Take little breaks throughout your day to connect with this source. Do it when you’re feeling low AND when you’re feeling high. It can look something like this:

“Hi, I just want to connect here with you for a moment and remember that you’re my source. You’re always there for me. Thank you for taking such good care of me. I trust you.”

If you feel like you’re humanly struggling with something, add something like this:

“I’m humanly struggling with ______________ today. I want to hand this over to you. Thank you for being there for me!”

The next time you’re tempted to think your day isn’t going to go well because you haven’t had a cup of coffee or a protein shake in a while, center yourself and affirm your true source of energy.

You’ll rock it.

It’s not too good to be true. You do have a free, never-ending power supply. Tap into it.