If you have taken the time to find this article, then you may be one of the many new teachers who have joined our ranks in recent years. Teaching is one of the most rewarding professions in adult life, and we hope that you will thoroughly enjoy all of your successes. There is, however, a lot to learn before you get started, and some common mistakes made by other new teachers might help instruct you on what not to do.

Forgetting that a student is in class: 

Never forget to ask a student if they have forgotten anything or missed something before beginning your lesson. It’s also important to check your classroom before beginning class. As a new teacher, the last thing you want is to have one of your students run out the door because they forgot their homework in their backpack.

Not listening to questions: 

Everyone has questions when learning something new, especially if those things are complicated or confusing, and your job as a teacher is to answer every question that is asked of you for as long as possible. That person asking the question might not be able to develop another one quickly, so make sure you answer them thoroughly before moving on.

Treating students differently: 

It’s not your job to play favorites, but it can be tough to resist the urge. That feeling of working extra hard for one student or another is great, even though you know you should treat everyone the same way. Just remember that students will find out what you’re doing if you are giving out special privileges. Many students will take advantage of this to get an easy grade, so make sure that it isn’t easily noticed.

Taking things out of context: 

A teacher’s reaction to a situation may be completely different than what the student was expecting. If someone asks you a question and you answer it, never be afraid to go on for too long; every point you make will help your student understand the subject better. Teaching is all about having solid information, knowing what to say, and also knowing when not to say anything at all.

Teachers are not the most important people in the classroom, but they can teach their students valuable lessons about how they behave. When you are in front of a new class, learn from other teachers’ mistakes and be sure to teach them yourself; your students will thank you for it.