You can tell a person’s love for another in their sharing of drinking festivities. It could be a bottle of water, a glass of wine, and sharing a cup of tea. Something about the warming of Earth’s natural delights, which makes the Earth so very sentimental. It has a calming effect. There is a stillness to it, all. Furthermore, one can also sense the abundance of a loving atmosphere. Hot tea is a source of meditation. It is a space (and place) for a natural reflection of one’s presence in that moment in time. Yes. There is comfort in being, alone. Yet, who wants to be alone, all of the time?

Love has a way of moving things into a greater (and grander) scale. When two Spirits elevate into a greater ascension, there comes a time of moving into a higher dimension. While a person can meditate about such, on their own, they can also connect with this very same energy, with the person of their desire. Sipping a cup of tea with someone secures a certain bond with another. The tea just makes the love, that more warming. It brings two people closer in their journey towards, love.

However, there are also those, who fear love. They would rather be by themselves, in order to avoid the wrath of love’s heartache. It’s much easier this way, for it grants protection. Yet, with such a protection becomes the absence of love. There only be a removal from human affection (and touch) for so long. Human touch (and affection) is needed for one’s very survival. A person cannot survive on Earth if love is not part of the equation.

Sipping. Sipping. Sipping on. Time is ticking and the day is moving on. That’s another thing about drinking tea. It permits one to maintain awareness, in keeping time; all the more proof, that you don’t need a watch (or clock) in order to keep to the measurement. Drinking tea is just another highlight for Earth’s treasures, in paying attention to, time!

Here we are, again. Another song. Another day. It’s entitled, “Tea For One!” Tea for one. If only we could make that tea, for two?

Duncan was always cautious

Never the one to take a stand

Convinced to be the bone

That he’s happier alone

And to justify the part

Keeps a closely guarded heart

Standing amidst the subway

He spies the lady of his dreams

And catches her stare

Long enough to make him care

“Oh my Lord, if Beauty has a name”

“Then hers must be the same”

Yet, it takes the right woman to move a man into pursuit of love and affection. It takes the right feminine energy, who encourages a man to move tea time, into we time. Yes. It takes the perfect dame.

Lights upon empty rooms

Home too soon, home too soon

Somewhere inside he burns

It looks like tea for one again

Looks like tea for one again, again

If only he could gain her attention. For she is the one, who awakens him into sharing tea, with another. If only. . . Even the loneliest get lonely. Even they wish to have tea for twosometimes!

Tea is an intrinsic state of Being. Those natural herbs from the Earth establish a kind of nostalgia. So, bring the meditations, on. There’s a tea for one. There’s a tea for two. There’s a time to make tea time a magical elixir between me and you!

Kevin Gilbert