Working from home, at first, sounds like a dream come true and for some people it can be. However, as most of the people new to working at home have learned in recent months, there are some negatives associated with the practice as well. Even still, the world remains in a state where working from home is optimal for many businesses. Businesses in Canada are working to adapt to scheduling needs and work around obstacles such as internet speeds to make it possible for their employees to successfully work from home, but there is more that you, as an employee can do. Here are a few tech savvy gadgets to make working from home easier and more enjoyable than you ever thought possible.

Multi-Port Adapter

We live in an age where technology surrounds us. At times, you may be working while charging your phone, headphones, tablet, computer, and other necessary battery powered tech products. It can be a lot of wires to contend with not to mention, an unorganized mess trying to figure out which connector goes to what device. While working at home, you will find that investing in a multi-port adapter is an essential need.

These units have multiple USB plugs and can be purchased to plug directly into your household outlet or into your computer’s existing USB port to provide additional charging and device attachment areas. With a multi-port adapter, you can reclaim your desk space and organize your charging devices much more efficiently.

Upgrade Your Wi-Fi Router

If you are a single person with no one sharing your workspace, the average Wi-Fi router is ideal. However, with 54% of Canadians now working from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, not everyone is solely occupying your work from home space. Your spouse, children, and any other people living at home with you will likely be using the internet signal as well. Each item that attaches to your Wi-Fi router slices its bandwidth in half. Upgrading your Wi-Fi router will significantly help.

Thankfully, these days there are many different options for high quality Wi-Fi routers available. Among the top is the Google Nest Wi-Fi Router. It is easy to set up and ideal for a family adjusting to both working and online learning at home.

Invest in a Larger Monitor

On average, a home-based employee might merely be working from a laptop. Where this is very convenient, it can also be remarkably restricting as well. With so many more people working from home these days, investing in a desktop computer is often the best solution. Areas where you might normally take your laptop with you for Wi-Fi access are limiting seating and some are even closed, so working in remote office settings is very limited.

When purchasing a desktop computer for home use, ensure that the computer maintains adequate memory for your needs. An upgraded graphics card will be essential as well to help with the online meetings with clients and other employees. In addition to these vital needs, a larger monitor will help drastically. Those that actively work from home swear by the ability to open many windows at the same time without cluttering up the screen and even splitting the screen in multiple ways to get more done quickly.

Coffee Bar

The ability to go out and get multiple lattes each day and have your favorite drink on your lunch break is no longer practical but staying alert while working from home remains necessary. Now is not the time to give up your growing coffee habit but invest in equipment to help. Although expresso machines are not considered essential for working from home, they do help ensure you remain motivated and have the option of having your favorite drink. Expresso machines and specialty coffee makers have the potential to make both hot and cold beverages, so purchase one that will make all that you desire.

A Monitor Stand

As stated previously, this is the time where a desktop computer can be more beneficial than a laptop. However, having a desktop computer tends to mean less space on your desk, but with a monitor mount stand, you can gain back the space taken up by the monitor. These stands mount directly to your desk to provide a stable and adjustable place for your monitor to remain above your desk. They come in a range of options and can mount the largest monitors with ease. This solution is ideal for those who have limited office space or a considerably small desk area.

Standing Desk

Sitting all day at a desk can be harmful to your back muscles and lead to compression issues requiring the help of a qualified chiropractor to relieve. Prolonged issues can have even more health issues. The key to having a healthy and quality work from home experience is investing in smart equipment. Where your sit-down desk might be ideal at times, you may also want a stand-up option. The average desk is not adjustable, but products that lift your computer keyboard up to waste height will allow you to stand up while working and alleviate strain on your back muscles while providing adequate circulation.

A Smart Speaker

Restrictions on music in the office and what can be played is now a thing of the past, so play the tunes you want and help yourself remain organized with a smart speaker. Speakers such as the Eco Dot offer not merely a way to play your favorite tunes but can work as a remarkable assistant as well. Say you are in the middle of a job and cannot find a pen to write something down or remember something you need from the grocery store. Ask your smart speaker and it will keep track of the information for you.

We will come to an end of life working at home eventually, but for now, more people than ever before are juggling family life and work under the same roof. Take advantage of your time and invest in these high-quality products to make life just a little easier.