Roberto Boligan, also known as “Berto” by his close friends is a tech-savvy entrepreneur who faced life’s challenges head-on while remaining steadfast in his goals. He knew that the daily 9 to 5 grind wasn’t for him, so he decided to forge a new path for himself. Unwilling to live a life of mediocrity, he used his skills to create a business from the ground up.

“I came from a blue-collar background with no entrepreneurial experience, only the drive to want to work on my own. I had an incredible work ethic, but no understanding of where to start and how to inevitably work for myself. After a lay-off from a corporate job that was my last straw. I made a choice to never go back to that type of life again.. I began to read a lot and grow a through knowledge of the field I desired. Sometimes you can find fellow entrepreneurs that are willing to divulge their secrets, but the honest truth is most will not tutor you. . . not because they want the success all to themselves, but because they’re too busy to train others when being an entrepreneur already is time-consuming, especially when owning multiple businesses. A lot of training was pieced together and in most cases led to failure. But without a test, you can’t have a testimony.” 

Humble Beginnings

Roberto Boligan was born in Miami, Florida in 1984 to a God-fearing mother, and he attributes his current level of success to his Christian upbringing. He says that his mother was a great source of support for him and without the support of God, he wouldn’t have found success. He also adds that as a Christian man, it’s sad that many people are reluctant to give God thanks. “My support system is undoubtedly God, the sad thing about saying this is most people today believe that giving God glory for their accomplishments is corny or unjustified. Some people don’t see God as a trend or being cool anymore. I owe God, everything as he is no doubt the main reason(s) I’m successful today. All of my pitfalls and setbacks were all stepping stones for an even bigger destiny. Knowing that no matter what my challenges were, God forever had my back.” 

Stress is a Killer

Boligan fights stress by refocusing his energy. He doesn’t believe in living a stressful life, in fact, he uses his faith to cope with the demanding lifestyle of entrepreneurship. For entrepreneurs who need help in coping with the daily challenges of being a business owner, Boligan gives personal insight. “Stress can be a motivation killer. Controlling how you react to stress will change your life. Step one is breathe, when unexpected stress, sadness, or trauma comes your way, always slow down and breathe– take one step at a time! Step two is understanding the problem. You don’t need to understand “WHY” [the problem is occurring]. Understand the mindset it takes to formulate the steps needed to get back on your feet one step at a time. The last step would be to have faith. Faith by definition is the belief in something you can’t see or touch. When stress shows its face– breathe! Be the best version of yourself, have faith, and you will always overcome.”

Freedom in Choice

There is freedom in choosing to live an entrepreneurial lifestyle. The ability to financially sustain your life without depending on a paycheck or following a 9 to 5 schedule is what attracts many people to this way of living, but it’s not an easy journey. For most, failure and difficulty a reality, but on the other side of the journey is financial freedom and more control of your time.

Boligan wants everyone who is thinking about entrepreneurship to know that it isn’t easy, but if you’re willing to put in the hard work, achieving your dreams are possible!

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